The Athleisure Trend: Great Versatility

You’ve probably heard of A-list actress Kate Hudson, but what you may not know is of her association with a popular athleisure brand called Fabletics. Kate talks about her plans for the company and the versatility of the clothing in an interview with Marie Claire magazine. As the co-creator and spokeswoman of the fashionable brand, she wants to let her fans know that some new products are now available to them to broaden their athleisure horizons even more.

Wear them out on the town, or wear them while relaxing at home. With comfortable, form fitting and forgiving material, these dresses will have you so excited! Pair them with a fun leather or denim jacket and heels for a night out with the girls or wear the dresses with sneakers while your out for your morning jog. Whatever the situation, these dresses are so adorable and perfect for any occasion! Not only have their YouTube fans added a dress line, but they designed a super cute swimsuit line. These swimsuits are made of the same athleisure material we know and love. It makes wearing a swimsuit much more fun, and the current styles are super trendy!
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This company offers subscriptions through their website that have new athleisure clothing shipped to your door each month and a reasonable cost. One of the things about the athleisure trend is that because it has gotten so popular, it tends to be very costly to get the good name brands. Fabletics offers a fixed price on exclusive athleisure clothing in beautiful styles and awesome colors. You can sign up and set your preferences so when you recieve your monthly package, it’s based off the right size and styles you enjoy. Fabletics is a great way to gradually create your athleisure wardrobe, which is highly versatile. You can wear athleisure almost anywhere, since it has become a lifestyle trend at