All You Need to Know About Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is a very influential and popular Operations Management Leader, who is currently based in the United States. He has worked in several organizations in the past, and his main objective has always been creating smart business strategies that lead to the success of the institutions. Since he has been in the industry for several years, he has acquired the knowledge and skills required to handle any challenges in his field of work.

Goodgame’s primary focus is to ensure that the institution he works for gets a good balance in corporate alignment, key performance indicators, employee engagement and quality assurance programs that will promote and improve the profitability and performance of the companies. His vast experience in the field gives him a veteran’s eye when it comes to market tricks. His experience also helps many organizations avoid making mistakes that could be costly to them.

Since 2013, Kenneth Goodgame has been working for an organization known as the True Value Hardware Corporation. The institution is based in Chicago, and he has been working as the Chief Merchandising Officer and also as the Senior Vice President of the institution.

At this corporation, he is assigned several duties. He is responsible for hiring the category management team, pricing, giving the category rules and heat aping. Thanks to his leadership skills while working at the institution, he has managed to turn around the performance of the institution.

Before acquiring this position, he used to work for Ace Hardware Corporation as the General Merchandising Manager. He did a lot at the institution, and his dedication enabled the company to significantly increase its annual new store openings with over three hundred percent. The company’s revenue also increased with more than $150M.

Kenneth Goodgame success is attributed to his hard work and dedication. He is also well educated, having gone to some of the best schools in the country. He studied marketing and graduated from the University of Tennessee. He has also had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies in the nation, giving him the experience needed. Most of the companies he has worked for have increased their revenue significantly.

Talk Fusion, an International Video Communications Company That Gives Back

Ever since Talk Fusion was born in 2007, a culture of giving was born with the company also. Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, has been successful from the very start in creating an international video company.

Reina leads Talk Fusion in success and popularity, and this year he went beyond what any other business has done; he has offered a 30 day free trial of the top programs available in Talk Fusion to anyone with an email address. No credit cards or personal information is needed for the free trial. This could very well be the most extravagant offer that any business has offered prospective customers.

Talk Fusion has become one of the most advanced video communications companies in the world. When Bob Reina founded the video company, video email was the only product, but the high-quality of the video went global within the first year. Reina uses state-of-the-art technology.

Today, the company has many more programs including video newsletters, video email, video chat, live virtual meetings, sign up forms and analytical software that monitors your company’s usage. Reina is not stopping here; he is continually investigating the latest in technology to design and develop better videos.

Predictions say that by the year 2017, 90 percent of online communication will be with videos, and Reina will not be left behind. He has a slogan “with great success comes greater responsibility,” and he is extending the hand of Talk Fusion to help people and animals that can’t help themselves.

Bob Reina is a philanthropist who has offered donations to many funds including helping the victims after the Nepal earthquake and those who were affected by the tsunami in Japan. Reina volunteers time and resources continually because it is his mission to change lives in the U.S. and around the world. Reina just likes to give back and keep the wheels of giving turning. His largest personal donation was a $1 million donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. To learn more of his generous support, go to

The Business Savvy of Eric Pulier

The business world can be absolutely brutal. An overwhelming amount of new companies fail all around the world. Therefore, one of the hardest things to do is create a business that catches on with the general public. It takes a special kind of person to be able to do this. Eric Pulier has demonstrated a unique ability to launch companies that frequently become very profitable in a short period of time. This is rare in the competitive world that we live in. His unique skills have given him a reputation as being somewhat of a startup king.

Eric Pulier specializes in startup companies that are involved in technology. Eric chose this field because he likes the fact that it is constantly evolving. He also thinks there is room for a tremendous amount of growth in the industry. In other words, the general public will always want their electronic gadgets, mobile apps and other things that are related to technology. Therefore, there will always be an incredible amount of money to be made for entrepreneurs with the right vision. Eric has been able to capitalize on the public’s insatiable desire for technology. He shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Eric is frequently asked if he still has the passion for creating tech startups that he had eight years ago when he first made a name for himself. He says that he always feels excited when he sees that a startup is really coming together. He enjoys the process of developing a new product and marketing it to the masses. He says that feeling has not gotten old and he will never get tired of it.

Eric’s philanthropy takes a great deal of his time these days. He is constantly doing research to find new ways to help people with his money. This means he cannot spend as much time as he used to developing startups. However, he still makes time for important meetings to discuss key decisions that can’t be made without his approval. He has also delegated a lot of responsibility in recent years to people he trusts in his organization.

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John Goullet And His IT Contributions

John Goullet has accomplished a lot in the business world, he is a large part of Diversant who began his life in the IT arena by working in computer work with different companies as a consultant in the business world. He then moved on to be an Account Executive handling placement of IT temps, as he worked in the IT placement world, he decided that he would use his experience to help develop a new company for himself and established Info Technologies which was an IT placement agency that specialized in working with top Fortune 500 companies all over the world. As his company became more and more successful his company was making over thirty million dollars in the first five years they were in business and won several awards. His company won the eighth place in the top 500 private companies growing the fastest by the magazine Inc. twice. John Goullet then decided to join his business with Gene Waddy’s company Diversant and became Diversant LLC which is headquartered in New Jersey. Diversant won the title of being the largest company in the United States to be owned by an African American that places IT professionals in temporary and permanent jobs. He got his education from Ursinus College and he specializes in all types of web problems and design, operating and engineering of networks and support of infrastructure, development of applications, development of cellphone handsets, solving architecture problems and analysis of data, quality assurance, and information technology and information systems issues.

Linda Owen, Dallas Civic Leader Teaming Up With James Dondero in Enhancing the Charitable Giving by Highland Capital Management L.P.

The president and co-founder of the excellent asset management company Highland Capital Management that is based in Dallas have decided to join efforts with Linda Owen, who is the former president and leader of the Woodall Rodgers to enhance the capital management company’s philanthropic efforts to the entire community in a professional way. This union will give the management company a way that reflects their greater ability to provide funding in charity to the community in a strategic direction. In a tweet, Linda Owen remarked that it would be a very pleasing opportunity to work with the company with the given dedication and strength and looks forward to helping the channel with a very thoughtful insight and ideas towards developing impactful giving back to the community as a whole.

Linda Owen will henceforth be serving as the Charitable manager for the company, and this will begin in operation in partnering with the Dallas foundation that will help in administering the charitable funds from the Dallas Highland capital management company. James Dondero affirmed that this expansion in charitable activities would require a need for a professional so dedicated in this department to ensure that the contributions that are going to be output by the company make a greater impact on the society as a whole. He continues by saying that Lind has a proven track record and performance portfolio that will enrich the company’s charitable activities and community.

Highland Capital Management Company contributes more than three million dollars every year towards organizations of charity through the foundations of Dallas that are focused on the support of the veteran courses that include health, education, as well as the general Dallas community. The beneficiaries from the locality include science, Perot nature museum, the George Bush library and museum, the brain health center, education uplift, snowball express as well as others. The Highland capital management company president, as well as other executives in the enterprise, also provide acute guidance to those businesses and organizations supported by the firm through leadership roles and board services.

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InnovaCare and it’s Medicare Advantage Plan Benefits

Insurance is absolutely essential in today’s society and you can better prepare for your health by enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan. Many people have an Original Medicare plan, but about 1/3 of beneficiaries opt to select a Medicare Advantage Plan for many different reasons. With Original Medicare, you elect to obtain Part A, Part B or both which only cover an election of services. When one chooses to go with a Medicare Advantage Plan they generally have more options to choose from and the plans usually cover more services than the Original Medicare plan. That is why some beneficiaries elect to choose a specialized Medicare Advantage Plan. The most common types of plans are a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and a Private Fee For Service (PFFS). These different types of plans contract with the federal government and are paid a fixed amount per month, per person to be able to provide to healthcare benefits According to Rick Shinto, CEO of InnovaCare. When you are looking into different plans, at times it can become very confusing. There are many details that are included in each plan, and you always want to make sure that you’re getting the best plan that is suitable for your needs should you ever need to use your insurance. It’s important to remember that you still have Medicare, but the advantage plan of choice is your healthcare coverage insurance carrier who is responsible for paying your claims.

Read more: InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC: Private Company Information

When it comes to understanding the out of pocket expenses, deductibles and co-insurance, it can become very tiring and at times very confusing. That’s where InnovaCare health comes into place. They are one of the leading providers for managed healthcare services and can help you understand all of the fine print so you can ensure that you’re making the right decision for your current and future needs according to Penelope Kokkinides.

InnovaCare Health has a mission to redefine healthcare management. They are dedicated to meet the challenges of issues that arise in the healthcare environment. They are also focused on strong patient-provider relationships. InnovaCare Health work hard to ensure that they build valuable models of managed care that are coordinated with cost effective and quality measures taken into consideration at all times.

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A Young Man Who Successfully Picks on Dictators

Thor Halvorssen, a 39-year-old half-Norwegian and half-Venezuelan, is becoming more and more recognized as a fighter for human rights. After founding the Human Rights Foundation a decade ago, this man has been on the hunt for dictators and regimes that break human rights around the world.

In 2010, he went to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to interview Thich Quang Do, the partiarch of the Unified Buddhist Church after it was banned in that country. Mr. Halvorssen was actually arrested at that time, but was let go after convincing the Vietnamese authorities that he’s a Buddhist seeker.

He’s also known for harsh criticism of Latin American leftist dictatorships such as that of Venezuela, a country where he was born. Thor Halvorssen had even enlisted the famous human rights fighter, Václav Havel of Czech Republic, who served as Human Rights Foundation’s chairman until his death in 2011. He was followed by another famous figure, the chess champion Garry Kasparov, the man who openly opposes Vladimir Putin.

The foundation has also received support from the world of big business: Google’s Sergey Brin and Paypal’s Peter Thiel are among the donors.

While many human rights advocates are leftist, Thor Halvorssen sees Socialism as a system that can potentially break human rights. Still, he supported Bernie Sanders’ failed presidential campaign. It was largely a sign of opposition to Hillary Clinton’s ties to Middle Eastern regimes. In fact, the Clinton Foundation received money from places with dictatorial regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Algeria, and the United Arab Emirates.

While still under 40, Thor Halvorssen has plenty of time ahead of him and plenty of fights for human rights to get involved into.

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