These ten tricks will Help you to Take Crisp, Clear Photos with your Smartphone by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Just as with a camera, taking photos with a smartphone requires a lot of concentration. You need to capture high-quality shots. The following are some of the tricks you can use to take the best photos from Figueroa.

1. Give the camera some time – even if you want to take the pictures fast, the quality will not be high if you do not allow the camera a few seconds to focus.

2. Utilize the principles of composition – ensure that you create a balance in the picture. Enhance the parts that you want the viewer to focus on.

3. Move closer – smartphones are not the best when it comes to optical zoom on Crunchbase. You, therefore, should make up for that by getting closer so as to capture crisp, clear images.

4. Do not overuse the flash – sometimes, the light that comes out of a smartphone flash can create a wired look on the images that you capture.

5. Find another camera app – even though the default camera app is just fine, you can make the images better by installing a different one. Shop for one that guarantees the best images on

6. Understand the camera settings – unless you know about all the settings in your camera app, it will not be easy for you to capture captivating photos.

7. Moderate use of HDR – although HDR is vital for creating shadows and highlights, overusing it can lead to funny looking images. Be moderate.

8. Be moderate with filters – it is widely believed that filtering photos is the best way to enhance them. However, if you overdo it, you might end up achieving something else.

9. Be a good editor – it can be a daunting task to edit photos. However, it also is true that it is the only sure way to make them sharper and better.

10. Always clean the lens – your smartphone is always going to get dirty around the lens when you put it in your pockets or purse. This affects the quality of pictures and therefore, you should clean it before taking the next picture. See:

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa a native Venezuelan entrepreneur. He is a dominant member of the business community both in his home country and abroad. He is currently working with five companies Panama where he holds various positions including President, Director, and Treasurer. Figueroa says that his biggest passion is helping businesses to grow by mentoring young entrepreneurs to improve the economy.

Talk Is Cheap With Freedompop

They say talk is cheap, but when you are paying an arm and a leg for your phone service how does saying that make any sense? Bill after bill and you are pulling out your hair because you are up to your eyeballs in fees and overages. Believe it or not there are companies that make it easy and cheap for you to talk, text and surf the web. Freedompop is one of those companies just trying to make it a little easier and stress free for people.

Freedompop is a wireless internet and mobile service provider that was co-founded by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar in Los Angeles California in 2011. Freedompop runs off of Sprint’s network in the U.S. And has free mobile data in 25 other countries. The whole idea behind Freedompop is to make things economically friendly for it’s users, offering such things as free Basic cell phone service, free data up to 500MB and WiFi for $5 a month, witch isn’t bad. Granted 500MB isn’t a ton of data it’s still free and will cost you $0.02 a MB after you go over the first 500MB. Not all of the services provided by Freedompop are free but are still more reasonable than any other wireless provider out there.

Though Freedompop is not entirely free it isn’t going to break the bank if you decide to go with one of their other paid options. Their basic plan is free and that is what includes 500MB and for someone that isn’t constantly using their phone to surf the web this isn’t something to stick your nose up at. You can also go with Feedompop’s pro or premium services. Pro offers the same thing as their basic plan, but unlike basic it uses 4G and costs $3.99 after the first month. Premium costs you $19.99 after the first month, but offers you 2GB and costs you $0.15 for anything over your data limit.

This style of service isn’t for everyone, meaning some people might want more with their internet/cellphone provider, but is definitely not something to shake a stick at. You can also buy a mobile device from Freedompop or use your own if you have one already making it very easy on your wallet. Talk isn’t always cheap, but could be.

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4 key Strategies To Manage Your Online Brand Reputation

With the buzz surrounding the internet and social media nowadays, celebrities such as politicians, music artists, and business moguls understand that the success of their respective careers depends on their reputation. As a result, celebrities often hire a team of professionals to manage their social media accounts and present a good image to the public. Jonathan Hay is one such professional whose client list includes famous personalities like Rihanna among others. Apart from his publicist job, he is a successful music artist and producer.

According to Hay on Fox, here are 4 key online reputation management tactics to learn from.


In any competitive environment like the music or business industry, you must always be bold to remain relevant even when facing endless internet attacks and scandals. For Hay, he demonstrates the attribute of boldness by owning up to some contentious publicity tactics he uses to attract media attention to his clients. For example, he confesses about creating the Jay-Z and Rihanna gossip in 2005 to gain publicity for Rihanna’s maiden single ‘Pon de Replay.’ The moral of the story is that you must stand behind your commercial strategies and own them boldly.

Actively monitor your brand

Always monitor your brand online by setting up Google Alerts for your brand mentions or name. This includes knowledge of what’s been written or said about your personality and your brand on the internet. Bear in mind that your personality forms part of your online brand. So your personal Reputation Defender has an effect on the fate of your company or career.

Trace the source behind your online attacks

To stop damage from its roots, you should start by tracing the source of the offensive posts. Based on what works for you, you can choose to either reach an amicable agreement or sue them. The idea is to understand the reasons why you’re being attacked online and who’s behind it.

Adopt a defense approach

You need to adopt a defense approach to mitigate the effects of the online attacks. This includes raising awareness in your marketing department and a clear plan of how to restore your brand and measure your advancement. For example, you can adopt a robust PR strategy that involves organizing a new, exciting event, which seeks to attract the attention of masses and deflect the attention away from the bad press.


The journey and success of one woman, Malini Saba in a male dominated field

Malini Saba is one business leader who gives the true meaning to the word resilience. She was born and partly raised in South East Asia. Growing up partly in this part of the world did not deter her from pursuing success from a very tender age. Her greatest strength as an investor is that she was not afraid to start small and grow her business for decades until they became the massive success they are today.

Malini has been a victim of bad business practices. The worst thing about this happening in the third world countries is that the perpetrators of these crimes are never brought to book. When Malini was evicted from her business, she did fight a good fight. However, she wound up losing a lot of money, something that made her start all over in her businesses.

After many years of struggling, the work started paying off as she is the proud owner of multiple investments in fields such as agriculture and food production, the energy sector and real estate.

Besides being a business woman, Malini is also a philanthropist. Her brand of philanthropy is helping and uplifting other women. She works with women from underprivileged communities and tries to ease their struggles. One of the organizations that she started, the Stree Mukti helps low income earning women better their lives.

Her investment journey started in the 90swhen she put some of her money in the companies in Silicon Valley. Other ventures that she has put her money in include PayPal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore Networks. Her bet on these companies paid off huge because the onset of the information age made the businesses really successful, something that has made her a millionaire.

Away from business and investing, Malini has a very happy and healthy family life. She is the proud mother of one child and believes in being present for her child at all times. She feels really lucky to have made the investment choices that she made when she was younger as they have shaped her future into the massive success she is enjoying currently. She states that in a world that is more dominated by the other gender, a woman has to do more to assert herself and get the respect that she deserves.

Doe Deere’s Optimistic Attitude Gives Her Staying Power in the Business World

Doe Deere, the founder and chairperson of Lime Crime cosmetics, has often been the subject of online articles. People are interested in learning how this young Russian born woman found success by starting her own Internet based cosmetic company. As a female entrepreneur she often reaches out to other women looking to achieve their own goals within the business world. Ms. Deere is also a highly respected spokesperson who is often requested to speak at business-related events. Doe is always happy to offer advice to others. She usually talks about finding and following the inner vision or voice that is unique to every individual.

Discovering New Ideas

Doe Deere often talks about her passion for color and creativity. The initial inspiration for her cosmetic company came from the desire to satisfy her own personal taste in makeup. She wanted everything about her look to be in sync, which very often meant using bold color combinations. She still relies on inspiration for the ideas she chooses to use today. Doe does admit that sometimes it takes a bit of patience when waiting for inspiration to hit. When she does get an inspired idea she insists on trying it out herself to see if it truly captures the essence of what her company stands for. She also works very closely with her team, which consists of the company’s creative director, President and Vice President.

The idea to make her company Internet based is also something Doe Deere views as a positive idea. She believes the trend in business today is shifting from the traditional physical structure to the online virtual structure. Even when people thought her company might suffer because makeup was more of a visual hands-on experience, she proved them wrong by posting full color images of herself and then others, wearing the products her company carried. This full visual effect was so strongly received that it was quickly picked up by competing companies in the business.

Staying Optimistic

When asked how she manages to stay productive, Ms. Deere often responds by stating how much she strives to stay in touch with her customers. She also keeps a positive attitude when dealing with others in the world of business. Even though she did work at a few jobs that were not in line with her passion, they helped her see the importance of always remaining true to herself. Doe also comments about no matter how well informed someone might be there is no replacement for gut instinct. She tries to deliver a message of inspiration to others that includes staying optimistic. She puts her own words into practice by showing love and respect to all of her vendors, partners and employees.

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