George Soros follows brilliant new justice reform strategy

George Soros recently stole the headlines with his gigantic contributions to the failed Clinton campaign. But he’s been busy behind the scenes with other smaller, but no less consequential projects.

His most recent sortee into enemy territory has involved a tactical shift. Ever the master strategist, George Soros has found a weak link in the justice system, one on which a little leverage can exert tremendous force.

Starting in 2016, Soros’ foundations on Politico have been funneling money into prosecutor’s races across the country. For anyone interested in the complete transformation of the U.S. criminal justice system, this strategy is diabolically brilliant. What Soros has done is tantamount to living in the penthouse without ever buying it. Through George Soros’ latest moves, he’s proven that he understands the power dynamics of the U.S. justice system far better than any of his opponents.

The real power players are on the ground floor

In high school, many people learn of the carefully devised system of checks and balances that juxtapose the three branches of government against one another. These checks, in theory, extend right down to the ground-level employees of those government branches on In practice, however, we often see a radically different story. Especially in today’s overworked urban justice systems on Forbes, practical considerations lead the day. This has led to a situation where de facto power can far outstrip what the high school de jure model would have us believe.

Perhaps the best example of this is the prosecutor. In theory, prosecutors are simply supposed to enforce the laws of the state. If someone is arrested, the prosecutor’s job on Snopes is to assess whether they committed a violation of state law and then to charge them under the appropriate statute. In practice, their jobs are far from so cut and dry.

As things work today, prosecutors are the most powerful government workers that one is likely to ever meet. They decide who goes to jail and who doesn’t. These life changing decisions have fallen under their purview for two main reasons. The first is that they decide whether or not to bring charges. While it would be tough to dismiss charges against an obviously guilty murderer, the vast majority of cases are not so clear-cut. Almost always, the defendant will have some kind of defense. The prosecutor has total discretion whether or not to pursue cases where the state may lose. This means that a lenient prosecutor may choose to dismiss non-violent drug charges or low level shoplifting with regularity.

The second means by which prosecutors almost unilaterally wield the hammer of justice is through their power to direct the state’s resources to cases. No matter how innocent someone is, if a zealous prosecutor is ready to commit millions of dollars to their prosecution, they will likely consider taking a plea deal. The plea bargain is the concession prosecutors often get with their threat of virtually unlimited resources to expend on a trial. Through plea bargaining, prosecutors and police often compel people who they know are guilty to admit to things that will send them to jail, even though the main crime cannot be proven.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Records a 5,000 Percent Growth within Three Years

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water released an official statement on October 27, 2015, showing that since its inauguration in 2012, it had recorded a 5,000 percent growth. In 2014 alone, the leading bottled water brand that was created with a focus on sustainability, health, and charitable acts, had distributed its products to approximately 2,000 stores across 30 U.S. states.

Waiakea announced the launch of a new Hawaii-based manufacturing plant to address the increasing international demand and to celebrate the tremendous growth. Ryan Emmons could not hide his joy concerning the growth that the firm had realized in just three years. He said that the company had increased the sale of Waiakea products from just a few thousand cases to over 120,000 cases. Emmons mentioned that Waiakea had donated close to 500 million liters of safe, clean water to underserved African communities. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Charity work

In line with its mission of encouraging consumers to drink clean water, Waiakea collaborates with Pump Aid to donate 650 liters of fresh water for each liter it sells. The firm has allocated a third of its revenue to support charitable initiatives.

Waiakea spring water is rich in minerals, natural alkalinity, and electrolytes. It is obtained from one of the purest areas on the earth, and then it is packaged into recycled bottles.

What drives Waiakea’s success?

According to Forbes, Waiakea water success stems from its ability to adopt unique ways of doing things. For instance, it distributes CarbonNeutral certified water. Its products focus on ethics, health, as well as sustainability. Within three years of its launch, Waiakea was worth more than $10 million.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Specialty Food says that Waiakea Water extracts its water from the Mauna Loa Volcano located on the Big Island. The rain and snowmelt water passes via thousands of feet of permeable volcanic rocks for filtering purpose, resulting in one of the cleanest alkaline water that is rich in electrolytes. Waiakea water contains an excellent mineral composition, including sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Waiakea water comprises of 30mg of silica, giving a soft and refined mouth-feel to the water. Numerous studies indicate that drinking 10mg of silica in the water on a daily basis can minimize the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease by 11 percent. Ryan Emmons, the founder of Waiakea, chose to establish his bottled Hawaiian water back in 2013. Emmons decided to venture into the water processing and distribution sector after realizing the water he drunk during his holidays in Hawaii was unique.


The Quincy Shooting and Pizza Robbery Cases Investigations

After most clients had demanded to have their tasty pizzas from Quincy hotel to be delivered at their convenience, the Quincy hotel hired delivery men to satisfy their customers’ wants. In March 2013, the delivery man was fiercely attacked at gunpoint by three unknown men who later run away with a wallet, pizzas, and the car. The Quincy management did not take this lightly and promised to pursue the robbers in a bid to discourage such a scenario from occurring again.

Recently, South Brunswick police charged a young man with the charges of direct involvement in the Quincy pizza robbery and sentenced him to Middlesex County jail. The 24 years old Parysh Wood got jailed in connection with the pizza robbery. His conviction was backed up by the information found on his phone linking him to the attack. The Quincy hotel ensured their customers of their high-level security strategies in place and promised to improve with time.

After the pizza incident, yet another shooting was reported in the apartments that left one man wounded with a non-life threatening wound. According to the police inspector from NBPD, they received a call reporting of a shooting in the apartments and responded immediately. On arrival, the criminal had taken heels, but from the descriptions, the police initialized investigations to the matter. Lately, the apartments had become the hotspot for criminals, and the shooting was a recurring incidence. The shots were heard from the building one although it is yet clear what the armed criminal intended to do when shooting.

After a day, the police were called again to investigate some bullet casings found in the apartment. The police department has been concerned with the shootings in the apartments and has marked them as the center of criminal activities that needs to be watched over 24 hours seven days a week. The Quincy apartments in the New Brunswick are known to offer apartments with roof top swimming pools, classy bath tabs as well stainless steel cooking wares. The Quincy hotel is known to provide food services for some years, and have put the quality of their services in the limelight attracting a large population of customers who like their services.

Why You Need a UK Vintner While Choosing Wines

In the UK, the vintners are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their prowess in the winemaking process. Thousands of people from across the globe arrive in the UK to buy the best brands of wine. Besides the British vineyards, the UK vintners have great knowledge on the vast range of wines in different vineyards of the world. Whether you want to educate yourself on this matter or carry the best wines back home, the UK vintners will work to your advantage.

The prospect of identifying the ideal wine for your guests can seem like a daunting task. If you have a background in the winemaking and storage process, you might have an upper hand. However, if you are a novice, the long rows of wine bottles can make it quite difficult to choose. When shopping for wine, decide whether you want the red or white variety. The next step involves deciding the country of origin. If you tell the connoisseur that you want the best red wine from the UK, identifying the options that suit your budget will be easy.

Avoid Tasting Wine Blindly

One of the sure ways to find the wine of your choice is to taste it. However, do not develop a habit of tasting wine without narrowing down to the options that suit you. If you start tasting wine blindly, you might not develop any regimen to help you identify a brand of your choice. You should also consider that the taste changes with age. The matured wines have a crispier taste compared to the new ones. Choose a variety feels good in your tongue while satiating your appetite.

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Build a Cellar at Home

If you want to choose a couple of bottles for your get-together, you might struggle when faced with hundreds of brands in your local cellar. Luckily, the cellar has plenty of choices for you and a couple of knowledgeable connoisseurs that will give you several tips. These helpful tips can allow you to make a good decision while choosing the favorite wines to entertain your family or friends. If you are not buying wine for a single occasion, you should consider creating a wine cellar in your home. Besides storing the wine in the ideal conditions, the cellar will whet the appetite of your guests with anticipation. If you are getting wine from the cellar, your guests will know that they are getting something special.

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Staying home for the holidays with Securus Video Visitation

Prison services giant Securus Technologies has been trying hard to get the word out about the many benefits of its video visitation system. No time is this message more important than over the Christmas season. Spending time in jail is hard enough. But spending Christmas in jail without being able to communicate with one’s family can send an inmate into a state of despair. Likewise, for the families of prisoners it can be unbearably hard not having their sons or fathers present when the little ones open presents under the tree.

Video presentations like this one give some idea of the power a video visitation has to make a tough life situation a little more bearable for all involved. Yet perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of video visitations aren’t the inmates themselves but the family members who are spared the ordeal of going to the prison in-person for a face to face visit that often disappoints.



Prison is no fairytale world


While family members know that prison is not a nice place, they’re sometimes unprepared for the full brunt of the prison environment. Thus, visitations can become a traumatic event for those who are not well-suited to the noisy, martial ambiance of a prison facility.


During an in-person visit, even before they get to see their loved ones, family members are often times themselves treated as suspected criminals. Long lines and sometimes unfriendly staff are typical of a pre-visitation protocol. In some cases, family members may even be subject to search or arrest if prison staff have reason to believe they may be smuggling contraband. The warden will often place his toughest guards on visitation duty so inmates know if they get out of line one inch there will be swift and harsh consequences.


These things may seem overly harsh, even dehumanizing to family members on their first visit. However, they are a necessary precaution from the institution’s perspective. Visitation is the point of entry for much, if not most contraband. Illicit drugs, phones and weapons are no laughing matter at a prison. They can mean the difference between life and death for guards and inmates alike. Therefore, visitation security is some of the strictest in the criminal justice system.


Video visitation spares innocent family members all of this. They can visit their loved one from the comfort of their own living room, in a familiar and warm environment. This is just one reason Securus believes so strongly in reaching as many inmates and families as possible with this new technology.