A Closer look at Businessman Elias Rossi

Elias Audi CFO of Rossi Residential SA. In addition, he previously held a position as an Investment Analyst at the Chase Manhattan Bank. Elias Audi has mainly held important financial positions throughout his entire business career. Elias Audi has a reputation for being a screwed as well as competent businessman.

Elias Audi was also a financial executive at a company called Gilette do Brasil as well Chief Financial Officer at Brascan Real-Estate company. Audi organizes funds and maintains high net worth portfolios for a variety of clients. Mr. Audi has over 20 years of experience working within the financial services industry. He is quite successful and enjoys tackling more complex financial investment issues. Elias Audi has always worked in leadership roles throughout his lengthy career.

Elias Audi obtained a Bachelor Degree in Business from the Political Catholic University Sao-Paulo. In addition, Elias Audi returned to college and received his MBA from University of Sao-Paulo. Audi graduated from the University with top honors.

Mr. Audi has been a big contributor to start-up companies throughout his business career. In additions, Audi has worked with a variety of public as well as global organizations. Elias Audi offers insight which help clients make informed financial investment decisions.

Elias Audi has additional experience as well as training in many areas of business such as Business Planning, Strategic Forecasting, Project Management as well as extensive experience in Investor Relations. His Strategic Forecasting skill has helped countless clients make sensible investment decisions.

Audi has always had a talent for helping others make the best possible investment decisions for the future. Therefore, Elias Audi stresses the importance of setting up college funds as well as retirement investment accounts. It is essential to think about and plan for the “Golden Years”. If you invest wisely you can certainly live comfortably once you retire from your chosen profession. His Facebook Profile.

Elias Audi has been featured numerous times on Bloomberg as well as CNBC Business. Elias Audi believes in giving back and helping others in need.


Gregory Aziz – Trains and Beyond!

National Steel Car – Gregory James Aziz

Greg Aziz knows much about Hamilton and its unique engineering and steel manufacturing industries. In fact, how can he not, when he is the Chairman and CEO for one of the best locomotive companies out there – one known as none other than National Steel Car? Indeed, this business has been hard at work for more than 100 years and continues to drive modern railroad and labor industry initiatives in its rise to greater aspirations. Greg only continues to firmly fight by his company’s side to ensure that only the best is produced – every time.


The funny and uniquely interesting fact that you most likely do not know about Greg is this: He’s far more than just a train and steel manufacturing expert. He is often considered a true “know it all” as he has learned about nearly every topic in life. He cooks, too.

Gregory J Aziz – Tips on Finishing a Hard Boil When Cooking an Egg – As if It Were Steam in Your Locomotive

With more than high heat, turn your fire off when you notice the water begins boiling. Leave your lid on, and let the pan sit idly for about 15 minutes for large-sized eggs or 18 for extra-large ones and 19 for jumbo-sized eggs. Begin the timer when the water begins to boil. When time is up, pour the hot water out while pouring cool water over the eggs to stop them from overcooking.

Also Note the Following

Putting your eggs into room-temperature water and bringing it to boiling levels will always result in fewer cracked eggs than will putting those eggs into water that is already boiling. Also, the timing mentioned above assumes that these eggs were already in the water as it got to its boiling intensity, and eggs are far easier to peel if they’re not extremely fresh at the time. Not only is this method more appealing as a snack option, but it also looks gorgeous in salads. Deviled eggs done this way aren’t muddy-looking!


The Tremendous growth of Seattle Genetics under Clay Siegall’s Management

Seattle Genetics is a renowned biotechnology company that is based in Washington. The firm was established in 1998, and it has currently hired more than 900 highly skilled professionals. Only a few biotech enterprises have managed to be as successful as the Seattle Genetics. It has invested a lot of resources in research and marketing and is determined to employ 200 more professionals in 2017. The flagship drug of the enterprise is known as Adcetris, and it is used in the treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma, which is cancer that affects the lymph system and spreads to other parts of the body. The cure is still in its final testing stage.

The CEO of the biotech company is called Clay Siegall. He is an expert in genetics and has a wealth of experience in the medical research sector. Siegall is determined to grow Seattle Genetics into a great firm. He has been striving to transform it from being a drug development enterprise into a multinational corporation that manufactures and markets its products. A few of years ago, his company had sold its global business rights to Takeda Oncology so that it could generate funds to help in researching Adcetris. After a few years, the firm acquired knowledge about the international market and established a division in Switzerland to manage its worldwide business.

Siegall has led the company in making significant progress. In 2016, Seattle Genetics sold drugs that were worth more than $418 million. This was a 46 percent rise from 2014. The stock price of the firm has tripled in the past five years from $20n per share to $66. The company’s valuation has been rising every year. In 2016, Seattle Genetic invested $376 million in research activities. It has currently focused in developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADC). The new technology is outstanding since it does not damage healthy body cells when killing cancer cells.

The biotechnology firm has managed to get the FDA’s approval for Adcetris. Clay believes that it will raise more than $1 billion from commercializing the drug. One person who uses the cure can spend between $230,000 and $330,000 per annum. Siegall’s experience in the research sector has enabled him to be regarded as a very resourceful individual. He has sat on the boards of multinational corporations such as Mirna, Ultragenyx Therapeutics, and Biopharmaceuticals. Clay also has about 15 patents for the new technologies and drugs that he has developed.


The True Dedication of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Towards Fighting for Civil, Human, and Migrants Rights

The National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights was founded in 1986. Its main agenda is to strengthen the existing immigrant rights activists’ leadership, integration of the movement for global economic justice, social movements, and immigrants’ right. It also has an agenda of attracting more partners to work with them.

The National Network plays an active role in advocating for migrants’ rights. It has been a member of Migrants Rights International for more than twenty years. The organization is dedicated to strengthening the voice of migrants.

To do so, it has partnered with other organizations like Women in Migration Networks and Global Coalition on Migration. So far, it has partnered with other organizations that have a similar agenda not only in U.S.A but also in Europe, Latin America and Africa too. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

NNIRR came up to actively condemn Xenophobia in South Africa as well as protesting for migrant civil society at the World Trade Organization. NNIRR works tirelessly with other allies to address injustices and migrants abuse and to fight for human rights. NNIRR works with Global Coalition on Migration to advocate for the rights of migrants and raising concerns with regards to civil rights at the UN Human Rights Council.

They host several conferences and training on the subject annually. NNIRR is at the forefront of providing tools of analysis for the issues affecting immigrants all over the world and with more focus on U.S.A.

NNIRR has legislation campaigns that offer consultation services for ways of improving protection for human rights and civil rights for refugees across the world. Each year, the organization comes up with new ideas that it presents to United Nations for adoption. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The GFMD umbrella of NNIR addresses the challenges faced by migrants and looks into the opportunities available for them. Its main goal is to streamline international migration policy and identify the best way to maximize development benefits for immigrants.

NNIR fights for justice for those who have faced violence and hate crimes and advocates for equality in the workplace for all people regardless of their age, gender, or race. They have created a workbook to address the injustices.

It records all human rights violations and challenges the responsible legislation to address the various concerns as well as exposes them to the media so that it becomes public knowledge.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey founded the Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. The two journalists donated their settlement money of $3.75 million to support all projects that work for migrants rights in Arizona. Following their arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio on 18th October 2007, Michael and Jim were booked into separate cells.

The two journalists appealed at the county at the court of Appeal of United States and won the case. This was after their release following public complaints and demands that the two should be released immediately.

Consequently, all charges against them were dropped. Their arrest turned out to be an illegal detention and power abuse on the authority’s side. The court confirmed that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had been arrested without any probable cause and thus they emerged victors of the case.


Perfecting the Skin: Kim Dao has some Products for You

Kim Dao is an Australian YouTube Vlogger with over 300,000 subscribers. Kim Dao`s videos focused on makeup from Japan, fashion, as well as lifestyle videos. Addition to her fashion videos, Kim Dao also vlogs about her personal life. One of the videos that Kim Dao talks about the best Japanese skincare products that you should buy (https://ideamensch.com/kim-dao/). The first skincare product that Kim Dao talks about is the Kose Cosmeport mask that is transparent and goes under the eye. The second skincare product is the Kanebo Powder which is a facial cleanser. The third skincare product is Shiseido Collagen Drink that will help in preventing wrinkles. The fourth skincare product is the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil it is a makeup remover. The fifth skincare product is Suki Haigou Charcoal Soap that helps with a deep cleansing of the skin. The sixth skincare product Kose Cosmeport Black Mask which helps moisten and cleans skin. The seventh skincare product Lululun Balance Moisture Mask helps skin keep moisture. The eighth skincare product is Kose Emulsion production to rejuvenate the skin. The ninth skincare product is the Nameraka Honpo Lotion Shittori Keshousui. This product is absorbent and moisturizing. The last skincare product is Shiseido Whip which cleanses the skin and remove the makeup. Learn more here: https://www.odigo.jp/profile/kimdao



Jim Larkin, a Trade Unionist

Jim Larkin is a historical figure and was born on January 21st, 1876, in Liverpool England. He was the second eldest son of Irish immigrant parents James Larkin and Mary Ann McNulty. Jim came from a low-income family that lived in the slums of Liverpool. For this reason from the age of seven, Jim attended school in the morning hours and worked in the afternoons to help supplement the family income.

It was a common phenomenon for the working class families at that time. Larkin did not have the chance to have a good formal education thus did various manual jobs which later saw him become a foreman at the Liverpool docks.

Larkin developed an interest in socialism in 1893 and became a member of the independent labor party. In 1905 Larkin was one of the foremen who participated in a strike on the Liverpool docks. The strike did cost him his job, however; his performance impressed the National Union Dock Laborers (NUDL) who appointed him as the union organizer.

James Larkin preferred to use the militant strike methods and this did not go down well with the NUDL. As a result, he was transferred to Dublin in 1907, and it was here where he started the Irish Transport and General Workers Union ( ITGWU).

The union was founded with the aim of bringing together all the Irish industrial workers, whether skilled or unskilled to one umbrella body that would represent them. The establishment of ITGWU marked the birth of the first modern Irish labor movement in Dublin. About 10% of the Irish workers at that time were members of labor organizations which were mostly British based unions.

Jim Larkin, later on, founded the Irish Labor Party and was in the forefront in organizing a series of strikes. Larkin will be remembered for leading the Dublin Lockout strike in 1913, where more than 100,000 workers participated in the strike that lasted for nearly eight months. Their grievances were finally listened to, and they eventually won the right to fair employment.

Larkin also led major anti war demonstrations in Dublin on the eve of World War 1. He then traveled to the United States of America to solicit for funds to fight the British. This would later land him to problems where he was convicted in 1920 of criminal anarchy and communism.

Jim Larkin was pardoned after serving three years behind bars and deported back to Ireland where he continued participating in labor unions activities.

Read more: Jim Larkin – Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia