Vijay Eswaran Is Not Afraid To Take Risks

Taking risk is necessary in business. Timing and planning must be carefully done in order to know when to step outside of the box. Vijay Eswaran is convinced that people new to the business arena must take risk as soon as possible. The world changes quickly and creative people must look to create their own jobs. Jobs that are cutting edge today will be falling out of place tomorrow. Advances in technology can chance the entire landscape of an industry. Each person must take responsibility for how their skill set is evolving.

It is important to gain experience in the industry that a person seeking to become established. However, Vijay Eswaran believes that people in the industry should gain experience while creating new jobs at the same time. It is imperative for first-time job seekers to make sure their qualifications are in line with a certain company. Choosing between an established corporation and a startup company is a big decision when looking for the first job. Personality is an important element according to Vijay when trying to fit into the right job position.

Start up companies have very different characteristics from long-term well established corporations. One must understand that the small startup company is on a fast-track to becoming an established corporation itself. Therefore a new executive at a startup will have the opportunity to take on more responsibility and be hands-on with each project. There is no chance to delegate activities because the man power is simply not there. The new team member must buy into the corporate vision of a startup company. The pace will be very fast and change often to match the trends in the market.

Larger corporations will not have this dynamic because it has an operating procedure that is trusted and will move in a certain manner at all times.

Vijay Eswaran originates from Malaysia. He is the son of an educator. His father worked for the ministry of Labour. Vijay went to Europe to extend his studies at the London School of Economics. He then moved on to Southern Illinois University where he obtained a Masters in Business Administration.

Financial Services Firm Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is a financial services firm that offers financial advisory and structured finance for a number of public companies. The firm is dedicated to helping a number of different groups of clients meet their various needs. On a regular basis, the firm provides a number of financial solutions for its clients.


One of the things that firm prides itself on is its executive team. They have a firm understanding of the financial markets and use their expertise in executing a number of financial plans for their clients. Over the year, the firm has invested a total of $1.8 billion into companies since the year 1996. It has financed over 250 public companies and is therefore aware of many concerns that a growing company may have. Therefore the executives use their knowledge and expertise to help companies find effective solutions. These include consulting, financing techniques and balance sheet management. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.


What makes this firm among the leading financial services companies is its many services. These services cover a variety of needs for many clients. One of the most common services offered is financial analysis. With this particular service, the firm will design a number of detailed financial statements along with projections of revenue and expenses. Another common service is balance sheet optimization which entails assisting companies in maintaining debt and ensuring financial stability. Along with financial advisory and balance sheet management, the firm also provides mergers and acquisition which help companies complete deals to come together as one. You can visit



There are a few other services that Southridge Capital offers which include securitization, credit enhancing and financing solutions. The firm is aware that companies need financing in order to reach certain goals. Southridge Capital uses an outside the box thinking in order to serve clients. One of the services they offer is Securitization which the firm monetizes a company’s asset base with loans against shares. As well as providing loans for shares and financing, the firm also helps clients by working with a companies’ creditors. Southridge Capital is able to negotiate removal of debt in exchange for common stock. As a result, companies can get out of debt more quickly and have more liquidity. They will also be able to improve their overall creditworthiness as well.



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