Ara Chackerian Invests in Life Experience, and Feeds the Passion of Innovators

Ara Chackerian is a serial investor who invests in life experiences. A successful entrepreneur, businessman, philanthropist, and Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings. For decades he has invested in medical start-up companies in an effort to better the quality of life. He believes in passionate people and gives them the ability to try and better the healthcare world. The companies he has helped start offer new innovative treatments, or beneficial software that optimize the care people receive. For Chackerian it is a labor of love. Check out



Holding a B.S. in Marketing Ara Chackerian began investing right out of college. His success has allowed him to help many fledgling enteprenuers realize their dream, it has also helped him develop philanthropic efforts across the globe. Currently, he is involved in a multitude of youth programs, as well as Limonapa Teak, a sustainable teak plantation whose goal is reforestation for Nicaragua. Lately, he has garnered attention for his work with TMS, which stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation. Chakerian and Dr. Bermudas, a long-standing advocate of TMS, have come together to establish seven outpatient centers for TMS treatment. The innovate treatment uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate areas of the brain in an endeavor to cure resistant depression. It also has prospect of being beneficial for other mental illness as well. In an interview Chackerian described why he decided to take a chance on TMS. “A conscious effort to engage life breeds ideas,” he stated, “Rich’s passion was infectious.” You can visit his page for more.



It was a change meeting that brought Dr. Richard Bermudas and Chackertian together, but the doctor believed in TMS so much Chackerian had to check it out. Once he did he saw the possibility of establishing a third pillar of psychiatric care and was not about to pass that up. Holding true to his belief in life experiences, Ara Chackerian decided to support Bermudas and allows him to foster his ideas. Hopefully, this support will bring great benefit to psychiatric care, and help many with mental illnesses find peace.



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