Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Pushes InnovaCare Health To Greater Heights

Richard Shinto, also known as Rick, and Penelope Kokkinides are the leaders of InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC. They are the reasons behind the success of the company. Rick Shinto is currently the company’s Chief Executive Officer and President. He has a long history in the field of medicine. Dr. Rick Shinto has more than 20 years of clinical healthcare in managed care. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer at Aveta Inc before it changed to InnovaCare Health. Then he moved on to MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., where he served as the Chief Executive Officer. He became the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operations Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company and the Chief Medical Officer for a healthcare company in California called NAMM.


Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Operating officer. She has and extensive knowledge and experience in developing clinical programs. Kokkinides has worked in many executive positions. In past years, she served as the Chief Operating Officer for Aveta Inc. and Touchstone Health HMO, Inc. She was the Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice. She has more than 20 years in the healthcare industry, focusing on government healthcare programs (Medicaid and Medicare) and managed care. You can visit zoominfo.com



In 2012, Dr. Rick Shinto was received an award called the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year. He was given this award because he showed greatness in many different areas like financial performance, showing a commitment to communities and other businesses, and his creativity.


InnovaCare Health is a leader in the industry that offers Medicare Advantage Plans. They provide physician and managed healthcare services to those in North America. They strive to provide quality care. They try to create cost-effective but long lasting versions of advanced technologies. They have 2 plans with Medicare in the government healthcare of Puerto Rico that they direct. They are apart of LAN, a union whose goal is to move the United States’ healthcare system’s payment versions ahead through quality instead of quantity. They are participating in the LAN global data collection endeavors. That’s how they plan on showing their support for the LAN’s goals.


InnovaCare is filled with professional leaders. They announced 3 additions to their leadership team on July 28, 2016. You can visit their Facebook page.



Click here: http://www.modernhealthcare.com/article/20180223/NEWS/180229963


Bumble Bees Produce Honey: Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe was conceived during 1989. An alum of Southern Methodist University, she is the CEO in charge of the mainstream Bumble app. She is likewise the fellow benefactor of the dating app Tinder. She would keep on gracing the Forbes list throughout the following couple of years. Whitney Wolfe has graced various magazines and earned acknowledgement from TIME magazine in April 2018. She filled in as VP of advertising for the tinder app. Her endeavors prompted the app detonating with downloads in school grounds and also other markets. In December 2014, Whitney had moved to Austin, Texas. This was inventive in light of the fact that it gave females more control while utilizing the dating app. This would engage lady clients of the dating app everywhere. Inside one year of putting it the market, the app saw more than 15 million discussions and 85 million matches. Bumble has more than 30 million enlisted clients. Forbes reports that the app is worth more than $2 billion. The App contrasts from customary dating apps in the way that females must start the correspondence contact to the person. Highlights, for example, this has massively diminished provocation claims and reports. The organization’s central station is situated in Austin, Texas and was given the epithet The Hive. With more than 80 staff individuals, 85% of those staff individuals are females. The central command workplaces takes into account it’s specialists in the hive. Adaptable work hours are set up and in addition the capacity to convey youngsters to the workplace if necessary. Whitney Wolfe as of late joined Imagine Entertainment as a board part. This organization discharges include films, TV programs, and different other programming. With the expansion of Whitney to their organization, Imagine Entertainment is certain to build its effectively real reach and impact. Whitney Wolfe is for sure a visionary and pioneer. Her energy to enable individuals and females specifically, pushes her every day to go ahead and advance. Every year she appears to be more fruitful than the past; so this up and coming year ought to be the same. Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/whitney-wolfe-herd-1791a299/

Graeme Holm introduces an innovative company

Graeme Holm came up with the idea of Infinity Group Australia and brought in Rebecca Walker to help him manage and grow the idea. Both were passionate about personal finances and wanted a way of bringing financial education to the people. The main areas that they were interested in were debt reduction and money management. There is a direct correlation between these two and a secure future. If people can put their money into good use, they can secure their future such that they will have solid retirement plans and investments to reap from in the future.




Graeme Holm is an MPA Top 100 Broker. He has previously worked with top banks in Australia for 17 years. His experience in the banking sector makes him the best person to help the people deal with bank financing and money management in general. The biggest challenge that faces the people today is lack of knowledge on money management. You will find people going to the bank to get loans but not sure how they will repay them in the quickest time. For instance, when a bank gives you a loan that should be repaid in 30 years, it is not good to use 20 years repaying the loans. The faster you complete the repayment, the better are your chances of doing something better with your money.




Graeme Holm is using the experience he gathered in the banking sector to come up with a financial plan that will solve the challenges that Australians face with money management. Once a client seeks assistance from Infinity Group Australia, they are first assigned a personal banker. This professional will help the client manage the weekly and monthly budgets. He or she will monitor the things that clients spend money on and then will recommend areas that need to be checked for improvements. Graeme Holm says that many people spend money on non-essentials without even noticing. Some of the things we buy end up being waste few months down the line. Such things in most cases are not necessary in our lives, but we tend to spend on them.




Infinity Group Australia is simplifying money management by showing the people that sometimes it is not about the amount of money you earn but how well you manage the amount you earn. You could be having a huge salary but end up with nothing at the end of the month. The paycheck to paycheck lifestyle is what Graeme Holm wants to solve. He wants to show the people that it is still possible to save money that will secure their future no matter how much they earn.




Graeme Holm was happy with a recent report that ranked Infinity Group Australia at number #58 out of thousands of companies in Australia and New Zealand. The ranking identified the companies with the most innovative ideas. Just three years in business, Infinity Group Australia has captured the market and is doing very well. Customers are happy with the services they are getting from this company. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/graeme-holm/



Successes of Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger has a longstanding career in the realm of business and investment. He has served as part of the Fortress Investment Group for a couple of years. Besides serving in the firm’s credit section, he is also a real estate guru, and his notable achievements have been associated with the dedication he has shown towards his career in the past years.

Peter received his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, in the field of finance. He has displayed a vast understanding in the field over the recent years, and his ability to exercise excellent leadership skills is inspiring.

Peter Briger has led the Fortress Investment Group towards achieving a breakthrough in its operations, through his ability to form partnerships and sign deals with various prestigious companies in the country. The firm has gained popularity over the recent years, and in 2007, it became the first large-scale private investment firm to go public. The notable successes of the Fortress Investment Group have been associated with the hardworking nature of its team of employees and executives like Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, and Wes Edens.

The vast experience that Peter Briger has in the field of investment has profoundly contributed to his today’s successes and developments that he has brought at the firm. He has served in a vast number of firms through which he perfected his skills in his field of specialization. Before serving as the partner of Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger sat in a vast number of committees. Among them include the Global Control and Compliance Committee, the Japan Executive Committee among others. Through the various committees, he acquired a chance to learn more skills in the business sector.

The renowned entrepreneur has also striven to bring innovation to the Fortress Investment Group, with the aim of improving customer services. He believes that customers are the key contributors towards the growth and development of a firm and as a result, he has encouraged his team of employees to serve them to their satisfaction as well as take heed to their thoughts and claims. Through the collaboration and teamwork that the firm’s executives and employees have shown, Fortress Investment Group continues to rise to the top.

For details: www.crunchbase.com/person/peter-briger

Shervin Pishevar- Well-Known Venture Capitalist Goes On Twitter To Rant

Shervin Pishevar is a very well-known venture capitalist and the co-owner of Uber and Sherpa Capital. He has an investment firm that is behind some of the more well-known companies of this time including Airbnb and WebOS. Not too long ago, he had to step down as the CEO of his own company, Sherpa Capital, amidst allegations of sexual misconduct with another employee there. His decision to step down was a big one and he claims to have done it to save his company. However, just months later he decided to go back to work once the allegations against him cooled down.

Twitter Storm

Not known to stay quiet for too long, Shervin Pishevar abruptly and surprisingly went onto his Twitter account earlier this year and gave his followers an almost day-long rant fest to enjoy. He went on about all sorts of topics from Bitcoin and the stock market crashing to the state of bonds and our economic climate.

A couple of the tweets from Shervin Pishevar went into detail about how he feels the debt markets of our country are becoming quickly unsustainable. He went on to talk about the fact that there is too much corporate borrowing going on and that our yields are at an all-time low. Overall, he feels that currently there are no safe bets for investors.

Shervin Pishevar is not bullish when it comes to the short-term. One of his most noticeable tweets had to do with the fact that he predicted a sharp drop of more than 6,000 points in the stock market in the coming months. That loss would have taken down more than 20-percent from the stock market as a whole.

Death Of California’s Silicon Valley

Shervin Pishevar is also the co-founder for Virgin’s Hyper Loop One. During one of his rants, he went on to say that “Silicon Valley” is now more like a concept than an actual place. He feels that the concept is more of an “idea” which has gone viral in this technological age. With our technology and advancements, the idea has moved beyond our borders and Silicon Valley can be a reality for anyone no matter where they live.


Felipe Montoro Jens: Including is take’s on Infrastructure Topics

Felipe Montoro Jens is specialist in projects in infrastructure. He’d emphasized vitalness of making mechanisms of financial promise. They are accomplished in gripping personal investments in foundational projects for Latin America. There’s something Jens reported on called the Latin America challenge. He did this from the mind of Luis Alberto Moreno the Inter-American Development Bank president. What this challenge does is attributes to the union of infrastructure. On top of that enhanced connections with countries. This is since investments are under what’s required. For the President of the bank, the region’s not going to be capable of getting the required development . This is to face obstacles to increase without it. It was also touched on by Moreno that the IDB Inter American Development Bank adapting to modern social demands. As resilting, he strengthened gender equality policies in addition to environmental sustainability in project execution. Visit infomoney.com to know  more about Montoro Jens.

There was also something identified by Minister DyogoOliveria that Brazil created many PPPs. This stands for Public-Private-Partnerships. Jens stressed actions of the government from Brazil were taken in fields of framework and development and financing adjust well. This is with top countries practices of the countries region. They are really lined up the IDB directions and conduct and other multicultural agencies where Brazil joins in.

The news portal of the Ministry of Planning, Development, and Management reported there’s PPPs in the Caribbean and Latin America. Also, in the past ten years, there has been close to 1,000 PPP projects in infrastructure. They were priced at a cost of $360 billion. This was from the IDB Special Governors’ Meeting story that was written on March 24th. The Ministry also said that the IDB loan of Brazil mounted to almost $12.9 billion. Felipe Montoro Jens reported that it was twenty percent greater than 2016. Read more: https://ideamensch.com/felipe-montoro-jens/