How Sussex Healthcare Prepared For The Winter Crisis

January of 2018 proved to be a challenging time for Sussex Healthcare. Full beds meant that the facilities were busy, but it was also a sign of the seasons with a high level of illness. The Surrey and Sussex Healthcare locations discovered how they would be able to cope when things got rough during the 8th of January to the 14th of January. It’s important to know that they are efficient and well able to care for your loved ones as you face an upcoming winter season for the end of 2018.

The level that is considered safe for a home or hospital is 85%. Once the rate of occupants is over this number it means that the facilities are typically on high alert. This is not uncommon when the flu strikes. The biggest challenge that they face is struggling to attend to all residents as usual. The time spent must be divided among all of them, and if the staff is short-handed, they feel the pinch. The residents are expecting the same care, but when staff is busy it becomes more difficult to move fast.

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Gyms became home for patients that were were not considered high risk. This is only done in the case of emergency when room is tight. Sussex Healthcare has been able to keep their heads up and attend to residents without missing a beat. Although during this time frame in January of 2018 was considered a period of escalation, it was only during this week that it occurred. This is great news for those concerned with the business of the flu season. This means that the staff were ready to act and did so efficiently regardless of the number of patients they were faced with.

Although Sussex Healthcare reported 30 minute wait times in the hospitals, it was not an unusually long wait before they were seen. This is also good news for those may have an emergency case. Those who seek senior care for their loved ones can take heart in knowing that Sussex Healthcare offers the best in training for those who desire to work with their healthcare system.

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Michel Terpins on his growth as a rally driver.

The Brazilian rally scene has grown tremendously over the years. This is an industry that less than two decades ago had nothing much to talk about. Over this time, however, the passion by drivers and other stakeholders to grow the sport has yielded impressive results. Today the Brazilian rally circuit is considered one of the toughest and most competitive. This has attracted competitors from all over the globe and in doing so continued to prove that Brazilian drivers can hold their own. These drivers have developed a wide following with fans following them religiously on social media and appearing in virtually all competitions they are part of. One of the top teams in the country currently is the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The team competes in the T1 Prototype category and is made up of Rodrigo Terpins and his younger brother Michel Terpins. The two brothers have been in this partnership since 2002 when Michel Terpins moved from the cross-country championship into rallying. Check out Terra to know more.

Michel Terpins has been a competitive racer for the better part of his life. His passion for sports began early and would continue to grow as he took part in various competitions. His father, who was also a sportsman would play a significant role in his initial years encouraging him to become the best he could be at whatever sport he chose. This stuck with him, and by his early twenties, he was competing in the Brazilian Cross-country championship. His passion and unique riding style would see him overwhelm the competition and by the time he left, he was considered one of the most dominant champions within the sport. This was however just the beginning as he was soon appointed as the chairman of the competition to help steer it in the direction that all competitors aspired. He would help recruit new talent as well as help them attract more corporate interest and in doing so sponsors. This Michel Terpins has been able to achieve and at the same time become very successful in the rally scene. Rodrigo Terpins will be taking part in this year’s competition, and it’s interesting to watch how that goes.


Academy of Art University Sends Students To Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is one of the most coveted times of fashion. This annual celebration is a fun filled week of fashion’s biggest names, the trends of the next season and a hub of celebrities gathering to watch the runways of beautiful and fashionable fashions. The Academy of Art University sends a select few students to attend New York Fashion Week. The students will be creating and presenting their runway collections to bloggers, fashionistas, magazine editors and big name celebrities.

The Academy of Art University began in 1929. The school is located in San Francisco, California. They provide many programs both on campus and online that prepares students for professions in design, communication and other creative fields. Their alumni have had amazing careers in design, fashion, television, film and other art disciplines.

Their School of Fashion is a leading program that enables students to curate their creative fashion sense into works of arts. These works of art become legendary and many of these students get their start at New York Fashion Week. The students will present their collections at Pier 59 Studios. This show will be a presentation of design, art, fashion but also new designers wishing to make a name for themselves. The School of Fashion is not new to this. They have been prepping their designers since 2005 to create collections for New York Fashion Week. These students and recent graduates have created collections of women’s and men attire. Three collections were created with a theme of knitwear, design and textile.

The Academy of Art University is a place of love and passion for the arts. The university’s founders began the school in a small loft. With time, they had to get another location due to their expansion. They brought on more staff and introduced more courses as students began to flood to the school.

Today, the Academy of Art University is a respected art institution. They have a mission of creating the next generation of tastemakers and artists. New York Fashion Weeks is only one of the places where the world gets a glimpse at the university’s talent.


Innovation Technology Leader Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm Westley CasSelle conducted an interview with the crowdsource interview platform IdeaMensch. The website focuses on profiles with entrepreneurs and leaders across many industries. The CasSelle profile discussed his involvement with the technology wave called Blockchain. Currently, he serves as the Chief Information Officer for the organization OPSKins and he is also the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). He has served in both positions since 2016. According to the WAX webpage, the organization was developed by the founders of OPSKins. WAX uses blockchain by providing tokens to consumers to utilize for online gaming and cryptocurrency purchases.

Formal education for CasSelle, includes a Master’s Degree from Stanford University and a Bachelor’s Degree from MIT, both in Computer Science. He speaks Japanese and Mandarin.

CasSelle has an extensive work history spanning three decades. In the mid-1990s, CasSelle was a co-founder and eventually served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for NetNoir. NetNoir is a media production website focused on Afrocentric culture. In 1998, he served as the senior vice president for Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), a telecommunications organization based out of Hong Kong. PCCW is currently valued at $35 billion, and throughout his career he has continued to raise money for the organization. While in Hong Kong, he spent 7 years as the director for Capital Union Investments.

CasSelle led numerous organizational digital platforms beginning in 2012. He was named the CEO of Xfire, which is a global social network for video game players. In 2013, he served as the CEO for MediaPass and co-founder of Timeline Labs. Timeline Labs was acquired by SeaChange International in 2014 and CasSelle was named senior vice president. In 2016, he became the CTO for Tronc, widely known as Tribune Publishing. CasSelle is an active investor in Facebook, Zynga, big data and blockchain organizations respectively.

Madison Street Capital Announces an Expansion into the Texas Market

If you have been following business news, especially in the financial sector, you may have heard that Madison Street Capital, a premier boutique investment-banking firm predicated on providing advisory services, valuation services, reorganization, and restructuring services, have announced plans to expand into the Texas market. According to, an online distributor of press releases, the firm is currently in the process of reviewing office location/spaces and anticipates being fully operational in the lone star state by next year.


So why Texas? Well, according to the firm’s CEO Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital is hoping to capitalize on the state’s exponential growth in technology and business, especially in the city of Austin. Also, Botchway believes that this expansion will be beneficial not only to the firm but also to their clients; he states that by having operations in Austin, Texas the firm is poised to provide their clients with regional access to the state’s top-tier investment banking professionals, representing a win-win for everyone involved.


Although Madison Street Capital is excited about their Texas expansion, they are, in fact, a global company with operations in Africa, Asia, and North America. In addition, they are one of the most highly regarded firms in the country and a proud recipient of the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Award, which is an award that honors achievements and recognizes excellence amongst deal-making professionals around the world. This particular award was presented to Madison Street Capital in recognition of their work with WLR Automotive, specifically for their role in creating a debt financing deal for the company. In addition to the M&A Advisor Award, the firm was also nominated for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and Financial Deal of the Year Awards.


What makes Madison Street Capital so different from their competitors? The firm, as a whole, possess a number of attractive attributes that enable them to truly connect with their clients. For example, the firm will often assume the goals and objectives of their clients; this business philosophy creates an opportunity for them to raise capital while simultanoften assume the goals and objectives of their clients; this business philosophy creates an opportunity for them to raise capital while simultaneously providing financial advisory services, discussing a transfer of ownership, or any other financial matter that contributes to their client’s success. This unique approach is what the Madison Street Capital reputation is built on, and it will invariably be the key ingredient to the firm’s success in Texas, not to mention worldwide.


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