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What Makes Unique is a company that was started by Richard Liu. Liu had the idea to start an innovative company that could deliver a wide range of products to individuals all throughout the country of China. That is exactly what he was able to achieve with Through the use of technology and innovation, this company has been able to grow like no other. has several warehouses in China, and through the use of these warehouses, is able to deliver its goods to almost 100% of the population of China. Richard Liu is a billionaire, and he attributes his success to his e-commerce company. He is determined to make his company the number one e-commerce company in the world, and he is well on his way to making his dream come true.

The Recent Award That Received recently received the SEAL Business Sustainability Award because of its commitment to sustainability. On November 15, 2018, was received this prestigious award. PRNewswire recently did an article about why received this sustainability reward. has created huge initiatives in the company in order to lower its footprint on the environment. It has been able to implement a recycling program that covers almost 50 cities throughout the country of China. Through this program, has been able to recycle over 1 million articles of clothing, and over 400,000 toys have been able to be recycled as well.

What Is the SEAL Award

The SEAL award is an award that is given to big businesses that are champions when it comes to sustainability. Some of the companies that have received this award include Nike, Seventh Generation and Apple. is honored to receive this award, and it is dedicated to continuing its efforts to improve the world through sustainability.

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