Daniel Taub Exits service as an Ambassador

When Daniel Taub met the Queen for the first time, he presented his credentials and bowed his head in a declaration to be the Ambassador of the State of Israel at the court of St. James. Along with his credentials were an outfit and a haircut that spoke volumes about Daniel Taub.

Mr. Taub was born in the year 1962 in Britain. Besides being one of the diplomats of the country, he was not ready to change his firm belief and the practice as an Orthodox Jew. It was evident to everyone including that queen that he would give up his British Citizenship.

She even asked him how he would fell representing a country which he had migrated to less than three decades earlier. He saw it as a privilege bringing up his children in their historical homeland. He was acutely aware of the opportunities and hope that his family has had in Britain. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.parashadiplomatit.com/

In appreciation of this fact, Daniel Taub wanted to bring Britain and Israel close. Daniel Taub lived to his wish. Within four years, the Israel and the British community have tightened their ties. Success has characterized his tenure, and not a single person can dispute this fact.

Guests who attended his farewell party were sad to see him go. During moments of crises, Mr. Taub has been putting the cases of Israel to the government and has also been featured on media programs such as Today and Newsnight. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

He felt a sense of fulfillment by helping both the United Kingdom and Israel and more so knowing that the two countries relate better than they initially did. In his farewell party, Daniel Taub said that no day would pass without having an intriguing conversation with different people. As much as he would not agree with all of them, he appreciated the willingness of the British people to listen.

He quite appreciated his tenure since it has been fascinating besides the fact that it was demanding. He had to give his all to the call since he would be an ambassador for only a short period. He did not find it difficult especially in keeping the Sabbath since professing his faith opened up opportunities for accommodating others.

Daniel Taub together with his wife Zehava has received moving affection from the Jewish Community. They consistently receive invitations, but cannot respond to them all. These are some of the things that Daniel Taub will miss.


17-Year-Old Sawyer Howitt Is No Minor Business Prodigy

Imagine looking at a young man’s résumé and reading that for the last nine months he has been serving as a Project Manager for The Meriwether Group a management consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon.

Then you read further and find that for almost a year he worked as aBusiness Strategy Analyst for RFID Checkout as part of a team of executives assigned with making innovations in retail store check-out methods.

Finally, you peruse his list of philanthropic endeavors and find that he works to promote youth mentoring and women’s rights.

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Under “Education”, you would expect such an impressive résumé to list at least one college degree. If the document mentioned above belonged to 17-year-old Sawyer Howitt it will be another 5 years before an Entrepreneurial Finance degree from the University of California at Berkeley can be added.

In a recent article posted on affiliatedork.com Sawyer Howitt offered would be entrepreneurs a few tips to help them get started.

Before embarking on any business venture make sure you have sufficient money to live on until your business takes off. When starting your own enterprise you need to be able to allow time to attend meetings, make presentations, assemble a team, line-up investors and develop your business plan.

To satisfy those needs and still earn an income Sawyer recommends the following job options.

Sign up with freelance design consulting websites. Design consulting involves designing business logos and creating promotional slogans and catch-phrases.

If you understand web design and site launching consider coding and web development. The demand for such skills is high and you have the added benefit setting your own work schedule.

Put your unique expertise to work as a business consultant. Strong language skills and a knowledge of specific cultural areas is a plus for a consultant.

More companies are outsourcing their customer service. With customer service, you can work from home while making good money. At home sales is another option to explore. The problem with sales is that maximizing your earnings may require putting in extra hours that could be spent developing your own business.

Find more about Sawyer Howitt: https://hitechchronicle.com/2017/08/fight-ageism-in-the-workplace-sawyer-howitt-explains-how-young-entrepreneurs-can-succeed/

Prominent Brazilian Shopping Complexes Constructed by Jose Auriemo Neto

Since 1993, Jose Auriemo Neto, a Brazilian real estate mogul, has worked at JHSF Participacones SA. JHSF is today, the nation’s leading residential and office space developer firm. And, Jose Neto is its CEO and Chairman. The award-winning Brazilian real estate organization has successfully overseen the completion of hundreds of large-scale development projects in Brazil’s leading metros. JHSF Participacoes began specializing in the construction of high-end malls in 1998.

Jose Auriemo stayed at the helm of this division for the next 25 years. Today, the real estate company has constructed more high-end malls, retail centers and shopping complexes in the country than any other listed developer in the entire region.

JHSF Participacoes is scheduled to complete two shopping mall construction projects in Sao Paulo late 2018. Jose Neto’s company already completed work on the massive Cidade Jardim shopping complex and the Ponta Negra shopping district in the city of Manaus. Beyond Brazil’s borders, the real estate firm oversaw the construction of El-Salvador’s prominent shopping complex, the Bela Vista.

In its quest to expand and broaden its portfolio, JHSF Participacoes SA. has partnered up with globally acclaimed fashion brands. Since 2009, Jose Neto has orchestrated successful deals with leading luxury brand designers like Jimmy Choo, Hermes Birkin, Valentino, and Pucci. These brands follow the lead of Neto when deciding where to set up new retail stores.

Jose Auriemo completed his business degree at, Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) in the early nineties. While working in JHSF Partipacoes SA, Jose Auriemo founded a new service division in the company and would later grow it to become an integral arm of the real estate giant. Neto’s patented ideas on how to streamline parking in shopping malls and other urban places are being applied in all the leading Brazilian shopping districts. Jose rose to the position of CEO in 2013.

Jose Auriemo has enjoyed a fantastic career defined by spectacular wins and unbelievable deals. Jose Neto is founder and CEO of a Portuguese-listed real estate investment firms called Cidade Jardim. He also owns a fashion boutique called, the B Store. At just 40 years of age, the brilliant realtor doesn’t show any signs of slowing down his momentous run.

Learn more about JHSF: http://radarr.com.br/2017/08/aprenda-mais-sobre-a-trajetoria-da-jhsf/

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Leads in the Fight Equality across All Races in Arizona

As democracies are growing all over the world, the number of organizations championing for migrant, human and civil rights are on the increase.

At the helm of the fight for the rights of these groups is the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR), a UN agency that protects human rights across the globe. These organizations have been instrumental in ensuring justice and equality to all people irrespective of their color and origin.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

ADL is an organization that fights for the rights of Jewish people. It protects this group of individuals from anti-Semitism and hate. ADL fulfills its mandate by using activists, educators and experts to advocate for human, civil and migrant rights.

The organization was founded in 1913 as a civil and human right group. The firm has built its name as a leader in mobilizing and reminding nations of the importance of human and civil rights. It also participates in advising mediators on the best ways to solve solutions facing the diverse global society. ADL also fights to end the issues that delegitimize Israel.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the co-founders of Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund, an organization launched after the two journalists were arrested for no genuine reasons. The duo is also the co-founders of Phoenix New Times, the newspaper that exposed corruption in Maricopa County that led to their detention. The group supports organizations that fight for migrant rights in Arizona.

During their case hearing, the court found the Sheriff guilty for arresting Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The court then ordered a 3.75 million dollar compensation for the unlawful arrest. They then decided to use the money to launch Frontera Fund. Their motivation to sue the county was driven by the fact that they had fought tirelessly to see the implementation of the First Amendment rights.

Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI)

BAJI is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the importance of economic, racial, and social justice. Its main aim is to bring black immigrants together to fight for equality and fairness in legal systems. The organization was born to curb the increasing problem of structural racism and systemic discrimination in the United States. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

The group believes that African-Americans immigrants should be assimilated into the system and get empowered just like any other American. It calls for unity in fighting for discrimination that the nation is facing.

Read more:  Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Mike Baur passion from banking to Tech Startup

As a zealous entrepreneur, Mike Baur life has vividly been impressive and inspiring one. Few are the person who ditches lucrative office jobs to venture into a new passion. Mike Baur is one of them who left a predictable banking career to follow his tech passion.


Banking career


Mike started his banking career at an early age of 16 years. He was lucky to begin as a finance apprentice at Union Bank of Switzerland in 1991. Mike Baur tenuous character saw him working his way up the career ladder in the 1990s. His promotion to an advisory position before the age of 30 at UBS brought much success to his career. He interacted with wealthy Swiss investors giving them advice on finance.


In 2008 Baur joined Clariden Leu Bank in Zurich. For six years Mike worked at Clariden Leu in a senior position. As a wealth management expert, Mike received high compensation at the bank. However, due to the recession, the banking industry becomes less appealing to Baur.


Career change


In 2014, Mike left banking sector to start Swiss Startup Factory together with former college mates, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. They began helping young startup tech entrepreneurs by mentoring, training as well as funding them. Their firm provides a platform for the promising startups, to learn market dynamics, networking and how to seek finances

Additionally, Swiss Startup organizes a pitching context called START Summiteer at Swiss University. The competition enables tech beginners’ showcase their business models. Winners are selected by financial experts and provided with substantial funding to actualize their business. Only those firms with funding less than $1 million are accepted.


Other involvement


Mike Baur is also involved with a company he created in 2014 called Think Reloaded. The firm deals with affluent investors in providing financial advice. Furthermore, Baur has served as the deputy managing director of CTI Invest from January 2016. The Swiss Startup partnered with CTI in training and organizing Swiss Startup Day. Also, Baur has been involved in Swiss Startup Factory programs. He was involved with Goldback Group in the accelerator program and Fintech Fusion in 2016.


Mike Baur desire to see success in young entrepreneurs is an inspiration to many. His effort to promote technology and economic development is a plus to the society. Baur career, from banking to entrepreneurship was profiled in the Wall Street Journal on December 2016.


The Need For Financial Advice and How Igor Cornelsen Could Provide It

One of the most important things to do is make money. Also, people have to find a way to be able to save money and achieve financial independence. This can actually be tricky for some people.

One thing that they have to understand is that they can’t put all of their eggs in one basket. When one depends on one source of income, then he is going to have to figure out how to be prepared for unexpected expenses.

There are a lot of issues that could come up that cost a lot of money. This is why it is important to have some alternate source of income to go along with the primary source of income. Read more: Igor Cornelsen fala sobre os bancos brasileiros e o que fazer antes de investor

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to set up an alternate source of income. However, one is going to need plenty of advice on how to move forward with his plans.

A financial adviser has experience with the world and can figure out what his clients need in order to move forward with their goals. He can also open their eyes up to a world that they are unfamiliar with. He can also go over all of the activities he could do in order to earn money.

Among the financial advisers that are very knowledgeable about the financial world is Igor Cornelsen. Igor can talk to his clients and let them know where they stand financially. He can also give them ideas on what they can do in order to add money to their wallets.

He advises people to see about investing or starting their own stream of income to go along with the other earning activities that they take part in. This will not only give them a little extra money, but also some extra confidence to go along with the money that they gain from their activities.

Igor Cornelsen has written on plenty of topics that are relevant to finances. One of the topics that are worth looking at is passive income. This is one type of income that people are going to need because it can be very useful when there is something that happens to them like an emergency that is going to take them away from work.

Another thing is if they deal with an illness that is going to limit the amount of work they get done. With passive income, people are better able to save and become financially independent.

One thing Igor wants people to do is think about alternate sources of income to at least go along with their regular jobs. In many cases, people are only going to make smaller amounts of money. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: https://bs.linkedin.com/in/igor-cornelsen-86830840 and http://igorcornelsenbr.snappages.com/

Therefore, it could be easy to find something that they can do outside of work that could earn them more than the amount of money they make at work. If they find something that they enjoy, then they could easily earn tons of money because a lot of other earning opportunities require people to be self starters.

Igor is someone who encourages people to look outside of the box. One thing that is important is for one to be able to experiment with all of the money making opportunities they can find.

That way, they could find something that they are comfortable with and then they will be able to make tons of extra money to put forth into investments and other earning activities.

One of the best things about different earning opportunities is that it removes the glass ceiling from their financial capabilities. All that is needed is for one to be able to learn what is needed to succeed.


Brown Modeling Agency Has the Lights, Camera, and Can Put You in Action

Modeling is a tough journey to pursue with the sea of competition from all over the nation. Everyone is pining to be seen and be noticed by top companies to fill gigs. You may start to wonder am I tall enough, thin enough, attractive enough—good enough to stay afloat (or even float to begin with)?


There is a stir in the waters of the modeling industry being made in Austin, TX. Brown Agency represents a wide variety of models to include men, women, and children. The president of the company, Justin Brown, keeps talent as the primary focus for their recruitment and does not look for people to fit a certain mold. Brown searches for the best candidates who possess the determination to make an impression in the modeling industry, and his team helps those candidates fine tune their skills to maximize professionalism and marketability.


The Brown Modeling team looks for talent to fill roles that include television, voice overs, commercials, print, film, and corporate events. Since the birth of the company in 2015, Brown Modeling Agency has been able to source talent to leading companies including Converse, Bing, Dodge, and Ford Motor Company. Brown’s models have also been seen strutting in the fashion shows of Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week. The list of opportunities continues to grow, and Brown Modeling Agency is in the process of developing super models, TV personalities, and child stars.


If you are someone in the surrounding Austin, TX area who has a desire to begin your journey in modeling, or you are a potential client looking for your next great talent, Brown Modeling Agency is your solution. Find out more about Brown Modeling Agency’s rising models and current events by visiting their social media pages @WilhelminaAustinTX on Facebook, @brownagency on Instagram, and @brownagencyatx on Twitter. To find out more about how to book Brown’s models for gigs, visit their webpage brownagency.co for booking. For those looking to make an entry into modeling, open calls for the agency are held every Thursday from 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. To become a part of Brown Modeling Agency’s selection of talent, visit the office during one of the weekly casting calls at 100 Congress Ave #2000, Austin, TX 78701. You can also submit for consideration by visiting their webpage for representation.

A Closer look at Businessman Elias Rossi

Elias Audi CFO of Rossi Residential SA. In addition, he previously held a position as an Investment Analyst at the Chase Manhattan Bank. Elias Audi has mainly held important financial positions throughout his entire business career. Elias Audi has a reputation for being a screwed as well as competent businessman.

Elias Audi was also a financial executive at a company called Gilette do Brasil as well Chief Financial Officer at Brascan Real-Estate company. Audi organizes funds and maintains high net worth portfolios for a variety of clients. Mr. Audi has over 20 years of experience working within the financial services industry. He is quite successful and enjoys tackling more complex financial investment issues. Elias Audi has always worked in leadership roles throughout his lengthy career.

Elias Audi obtained a Bachelor Degree in Business from the Political Catholic University Sao-Paulo. In addition, Elias Audi returned to college and received his MBA from University of Sao-Paulo. Audi graduated from the University with top honors.

Mr. Audi has been a big contributor to start-up companies throughout his business career. In additions, Audi has worked with a variety of public as well as global organizations. Elias Audi offers insight which help clients make informed financial investment decisions.

Elias Audi has additional experience as well as training in many areas of business such as Business Planning, Strategic Forecasting, Project Management as well as extensive experience in Investor Relations. His Strategic Forecasting skill has helped countless clients make sensible investment decisions.

Audi has always had a talent for helping others make the best possible investment decisions for the future. Therefore, Elias Audi stresses the importance of setting up college funds as well as retirement investment accounts. It is essential to think about and plan for the “Golden Years”. If you invest wisely you can certainly live comfortably once you retire from your chosen profession. His Facebook Profile.

Elias Audi has been featured numerous times on Bloomberg as well as CNBC Business. Elias Audi believes in giving back and helping others in need.


Gregory Aziz – Trains and Beyond!

National Steel Car – Gregory James Aziz

Greg Aziz knows much about Hamilton and its unique engineering and steel manufacturing industries. In fact, how can he not, when he is the Chairman and CEO for one of the best locomotive companies out there – one known as none other than National Steel Car? Indeed, this business has been hard at work for more than 100 years and continues to drive modern railroad and labor industry initiatives in its rise to greater aspirations. Greg only continues to firmly fight by his company’s side to ensure that only the best is produced – every time.


The funny and uniquely interesting fact that you most likely do not know about Greg is this: He’s far more than just a train and steel manufacturing expert. He is often considered a true “know it all” as he has learned about nearly every topic in life. He cooks, too.

Gregory J Aziz – Tips on Finishing a Hard Boil When Cooking an Egg – As if It Were Steam in Your Locomotive

With more than high heat, turn your fire off when you notice the water begins boiling. Leave your lid on, and let the pan sit idly for about 15 minutes for large-sized eggs or 18 for extra-large ones and 19 for jumbo-sized eggs. Begin the timer when the water begins to boil. When time is up, pour the hot water out while pouring cool water over the eggs to stop them from overcooking.

Also Note the Following

Putting your eggs into room-temperature water and bringing it to boiling levels will always result in fewer cracked eggs than will putting those eggs into water that is already boiling. Also, the timing mentioned above assumes that these eggs were already in the water as it got to its boiling intensity, and eggs are far easier to peel if they’re not extremely fresh at the time. Not only is this method more appealing as a snack option, but it also looks gorgeous in salads. Deviled eggs done this way aren’t muddy-looking!


The Tremendous growth of Seattle Genetics under Clay Siegall’s Management

Seattle Genetics is a renowned biotechnology company that is based in Washington. The firm was established in 1998, and it has currently hired more than 900 highly skilled professionals. Only a few biotech enterprises have managed to be as successful as the Seattle Genetics. It has invested a lot of resources in research and marketing and is determined to employ 200 more professionals in 2017. The flagship drug of the enterprise is known as Adcetris, and it is used in the treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma, which is cancer that affects the lymph system and spreads to other parts of the body. The cure is still in its final testing stage.

The CEO of the biotech company is called Clay Siegall. He is an expert in genetics and has a wealth of experience in the medical research sector. Siegall is determined to grow Seattle Genetics into a great firm. He has been striving to transform it from being a drug development enterprise into a multinational corporation that manufactures and markets its products. A few of years ago, his company had sold its global business rights to Takeda Oncology so that it could generate funds to help in researching Adcetris. After a few years, the firm acquired knowledge about the international market and established a division in Switzerland to manage its worldwide business.

Siegall has led the company in making significant progress. In 2016, Seattle Genetics sold drugs that were worth more than $418 million. This was a 46 percent rise from 2014. The stock price of the firm has tripled in the past five years from $20n per share to $66. The company’s valuation has been rising every year. In 2016, Seattle Genetic invested $376 million in research activities. It has currently focused in developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADC). The new technology is outstanding since it does not damage healthy body cells when killing cancer cells.

The biotechnology firm has managed to get the FDA’s approval for Adcetris. Clay believes that it will raise more than $1 billion from commercializing the drug. One person who uses the cure can spend between $230,000 and $330,000 per annum. Siegall’s experience in the research sector has enabled him to be regarded as a very resourceful individual. He has sat on the boards of multinational corporations such as Mirna, Ultragenyx Therapeutics, and Biopharmaceuticals. Clay also has about 15 patents for the new technologies and drugs that he has developed.