Wengie’s Survival Hacks Every Girl Should Know

She may be small but Wengie is packing lots of personality into her Youtube channel. In her video 14 DIY Survival Simple Life Hacks That Could Save Your Life Wengie brings us her best life hacks.


Her first hack is charging your phone with a 9-volt battery, a car charger, and a key. Tape a key to the side of a car charger then plug your phone in and hold the charger and key to a 9-volt battery. This can produce enough charge to call for assistance.


Next Wengie teaches us how to get clean water by making a filter or rain catcher.


Stashing money under your phone case can come in handy if you’ve forgotten your wallet.


In a situation where air quality is reduced, you can use your bra as a dust mask. This will work well enough to get you to safety.


Lost in the woods with a bag of Doritos? Wengie demonstrates how chips can be used for fire kindling. A water bottle and dry leaves or paper can also be used to start a fire.


Wengie also teaches how to do the Heimlich on yourself. Knowing how to do this can save your life someday.


Use a cup, some water, and a needle to make a compass. And if you need food you can make a spear shooter with a sharp stick or skewer and a balloon to use for hunting.


Crayons can be used as a candle when you’re in the dark or you can use a piece of foil in place of a dead battery in a flashlight. If you’re not sure if it’s just your house without power, check if your neighbor’s WIFI networks are still available. If they are it’s probably just your house without power.


Her last tip is one that every girl should know. If you have to walk to your car after dark and no one is around put your keys between your fingers. This can be a handy and effective weapon.


For more great tips and advice head over to Wengie’s Youtube channel.