Hussain Sajwani Success Tentacles in the Luxury Property Sector

Hussain Sajwani is a reputable businessman from the UAE with an estimated net worth of over $3.2 billion. He is the CEO and Chairman of DAMAC Group, a company he founded in 2002. Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington in 1981 where he majored in Economics and Industrial Engineering. After graduating Hussain Sajwani worked for GASCO as Contract Manager for a short while. In 1982, he ventured into catering until 2002 when he started DAMAC Group in UAE. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

The catering venture became a success spreading over a number of continents. DAMAC Group has also grown into a leading property development company in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani’s impeccable know-how has been the major driver of DAMAC’s success.

The company boasts of high-profile projects in UAE, Qatar, and England among many others. DAMAC has worked with and is currently working with a number of high-profile companies. They include Louis Vuitton, Trump Organization Inc., and Drake and Scull International.

These three businesses have served as suppliers in the form of beverages, real estate, and construction respectively. DAMAC’s association with the Trump Organization recently saw President Donald Trump single out the Hussain Sajwani family.

This was at an event on New Year’s Eve where he described them as “the most beautiful people.” This is a clear indicator of a very good business relationship.

DAMAC’s success has seen it start a hospitality division called DAMAC Maison. The division runs an impressive 15.000 hotel rooms while providing top-notch services at the same time.

Under Hussain Sajwani’s leadership, the company continues to grow from strength to strength as a leading property development company. He even successfully steered DAMAC through the 2008 financial crisis when sales were at their lowest.

Hussain and in extension DAMAC are huge contributors to philanthropic causes. In 2013, he gave AED2 million to aid in a clothing campaign targeting one million needy children all over the world. The DAMAC CEO is listed among the top 100 influential Arabs in the world, and his excellent track record speaks for him. He has definitely proven himself as a leading businessman by ensuring continuous growth and improvement as DAMAC owner for years.

Getting up Close and Personal with Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is one very busy man and getting a hold of him is one of the most difficult things for anyone wishing to get an interview out of him. The latest from the entrepreneur is that he has been accumulating thousands of flyer miles as he makes business trips between New York and Miami. He started investing in the real estate industry about a decade ago and by 2007, the firm that he likes to refer to as a boutique development firm had expanded to a capital base of 500 million dollars. Companies that his business has collaborated with to create real estate include the Madden Real Estate Ventures whereby they created the Aloft South Beach Miami project. This was completed in 2015.

The latest from the company is that they have a new deal to convert the building that has been housing the Wild Turkey Bourbon and make it into condos. The deal was organized by JMH, Rockpoint group of companies and Kushner. The deal stated that 338 condo units will be created. Other deals that he has taken up include the fact that he has teamed up with Madison to purchase Brooklyn Heights Cinema and make Condos out of it.

Aloft and Jason Halpern

The road to success was not an easy one for Jason. He has suffered major setbacks like all other entrepreneurs worth their salt. For instance, a few years back, a major deal that he had worn debacle majorly when the entire project was scraped. He has managed to make better investment choices over time. His current projects make him probably the most engaged man in the entire western hemisphere.

Jason’s Background

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Product

Jason was born and raised by a real estate developer of a father. His first experience in the field was when he worked for his father’s company, the Halpern real estate industry. When he quit, he had the dream of starting his own company. When he is not busy looking after his construction projects or in high profile meetings striking deals, Jason likes to relax at home with his family. He has a boy from a previous marriage and he really enjoy spending time with him. One of the interests that he takes after his own father is the fact that he really loves race cars. He has always wanted to take part in the events especially last decade but hasn’t gotten a chance to do it. He is one business leader to look out for.

Marketing Made Faster and Easier with Talk Fusion

For entrepreneurs, there is a need to market the business that they are starting. However, this part is one of the hardest parts for some entrepreneurs because there is so much that goes into the marketing. For one thing, they have to find their audience. Then they have to find where their audience dwells. Then they have to come up with a message that the audience responds to in order to get visits to their site. For entrepreneurs that don’t have that much of a budget to put into advertising, this means putting together a text message with images. Then there is the challenge that people face when they are relying on email marketing.


Fortunately, Talk Fusion takes on those challenges and makes it easier for the marketer, especially for the email marketer. It introduces video to the email marketer. Therefore, he does not have to spend hours trying to find the right wording to use for his ad campaign. This is often the most frustrating part of marketing. Fortunately, Talk Fusion takes care of it with video email. Therefore, all that is needed is for the user to let his personality and the personality of his company shine with the advertising that he uses.


Talk Fusion is an award winning app that offers people a lot of features and advantages when it comes to marketing. It doesn’t matter what industry or type of business they are marketing in, Talk Fusion gives them the edge to make a lot of profits and win out ahead of their competition. The creator of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, even offers people a free period for them to try the product so that they will be able to determine whether or not this is something they want to spend money on. One of the factors that determine whether they pay for a monthly service is if they make money with it.

Helane Morrison: A Trailblazer At The SEC

Helane Morrison spent 11 years with the Securities and Exchange Commission. She was hired in 1996 to run the San Francisco district office. The job put her in charge of monitoring the SEC’s examination and enforcement activities. Morrison did such impressive work in her first three years with the SEC that she was promoted to regional director. She was the first woman to hold that post. As regional director Morrison was responsible for monitoring businesses in 7 states and bringing cases against them if her investigations revealed that they violated the laws governing their activities.


During her years at the SEC Helane Morrison was known for her willingness to bring cases against any company suspected of violating the law. Several major cases were brought against well-known, large companies while Morrison ran the San Francisco regional office. She also took several financial advisors and brokers to court for insider trading and taking unfair advantage of senior citizens. Morrison had a heavy workload at the SEC and her constituents loved her because she was willing to listen to them, do thorough investigations and take the cases to court if it was merited. Morrison left the SEC in 2007 after 11 years.


After leaving the SEC Morrison was hired by Hall Capital Partners. Initially she was the company’s chief compliance officer as well as their general counsel. Her work was so impressive that after a few years she was promoted to the company’s managing director. Morrison also became a member of Hall Capital Partner’s executive committee. She was perfectly prepared for her position given her experience as a practicing attorney and her time with the SEC. This gave her an inside perspective on some of the common violations companies commit and how to avoid them.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Morrison started her college career at Northwestern University. There she earned a B.A. in Journalism. She then attended The UC Berkley School of Law and was editor-in-chief of the California Law Review. In 1984 Morrison graduated with her juris doctor. She then served as a law clerk for two years. The first year she worked with Judge Richard Posner of the U.S. Appeals Court. She then spent a year clerking for United States Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Morrison then spent 10 years practicing law with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, a San Francisco law firm, before moving on to the SEC.


These ten tricks will Help you to Take Crisp, Clear Photos with your Smartphone by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Just as with a camera, taking photos with a smartphone requires a lot of concentration. You need to capture high-quality shots. The following are some of the tricks you can use to take the best photos from Figueroa.

1. Give the camera some time – even if you want to take the pictures fast, the quality will not be high if you do not allow the camera a few seconds to focus.

2. Utilize the principles of composition – ensure that you create a balance in the picture. Enhance the parts that you want the viewer to focus on.

3. Move closer – smartphones are not the best when it comes to optical zoom on Crunchbase. You, therefore, should make up for that by getting closer so as to capture crisp, clear images.

4. Do not overuse the flash – sometimes, the light that comes out of a smartphone flash can create a wired look on the images that you capture.

5. Find another camera app – even though the default camera app is just fine, you can make the images better by installing a different one. Shop for one that guarantees the best images on

6. Understand the camera settings – unless you know about all the settings in your camera app, it will not be easy for you to capture captivating photos.

7. Moderate use of HDR – although HDR is vital for creating shadows and highlights, overusing it can lead to funny looking images. Be moderate.

8. Be moderate with filters – it is widely believed that filtering photos is the best way to enhance them. However, if you overdo it, you might end up achieving something else.

9. Be a good editor – it can be a daunting task to edit photos. However, it also is true that it is the only sure way to make them sharper and better.

10. Always clean the lens – your smartphone is always going to get dirty around the lens when you put it in your pockets or purse. This affects the quality of pictures and therefore, you should clean it before taking the next picture. See:

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa a native Venezuelan entrepreneur. He is a dominant member of the business community both in his home country and abroad. He is currently working with five companies Panama where he holds various positions including President, Director, and Treasurer. Figueroa says that his biggest passion is helping businesses to grow by mentoring young entrepreneurs to improve the economy.

The journey and success of one woman, Malini Saba in a male dominated field

Malini Saba is one business leader who gives the true meaning to the word resilience. She was born and partly raised in South East Asia. Growing up partly in this part of the world did not deter her from pursuing success from a very tender age. Her greatest strength as an investor is that she was not afraid to start small and grow her business for decades until they became the massive success they are today.

Malini has been a victim of bad business practices. The worst thing about this happening in the third world countries is that the perpetrators of these crimes are never brought to book. When Malini was evicted from her business, she did fight a good fight. However, she wound up losing a lot of money, something that made her start all over in her businesses.

After many years of struggling, the work started paying off as she is the proud owner of multiple investments in fields such as agriculture and food production, the energy sector and real estate.

Besides being a business woman, Malini is also a philanthropist. Her brand of philanthropy is helping and uplifting other women. She works with women from underprivileged communities and tries to ease their struggles. One of the organizations that she started, the Stree Mukti helps low income earning women better their lives.

Her investment journey started in the 90swhen she put some of her money in the companies in Silicon Valley. Other ventures that she has put her money in include PayPal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore Networks. Her bet on these companies paid off huge because the onset of the information age made the businesses really successful, something that has made her a millionaire.

Away from business and investing, Malini has a very happy and healthy family life. She is the proud mother of one child and believes in being present for her child at all times. She feels really lucky to have made the investment choices that she made when she was younger as they have shaped her future into the massive success she is enjoying currently. She states that in a world that is more dominated by the other gender, a woman has to do more to assert herself and get the respect that she deserves.

Andy Wirth Fnds Success With Squaw Valley Resort Improvements

The life of Andy Wirth has been one filled with success and an amazing fight back from an injury that almost killed the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort and its sister resort of Alpine Meadows. Wirth was an active participant in various extreme sports, including skydiving, until a skydiving accident saw him damage an arm and be in need of emergency surgery to save his life. Since returning to work at Squaw Valley the German born resort manager has thrown himself into work as a business and community leader.

There are a number of areas where Andy Wirth has been looking to improve life for the people who live and work in the Reno and lake Tahoe region his ski resorts are found in; included in these community programs are the decision of Andy Wirth to join the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air service Corporation as Chairman. Wirth has a long history of working to improve the level of visitor numbers traveling into different areas of the world he has worked in as a resort manager, including his work with airports in North America and the Caribbean.

Andy Wirth has returned to work at Squaw Valley with the aim of creating an amazing resort the people of Olympic Valley can enjoy and be proud of in the future. One area that Wirth has seen as important is developing a consistent link between Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley, which may only be a short distance apart but have traditionally been divided by privately owned land between them. Despite undergoing rehabilitation for the injury that once threatened his life Andy Wirth has returned to work at Squaw Valley where he personally negotiated the use of privately owned land to complete the first steps in constructing a gondola linking the two resorts and their amenities for guests and visitors.

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The story behind Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an ambitious man who gets things done. Raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, Eric started to program computers since the fourth grade and by high school, he had created a computer database computer company. In 1984 he went on to study at Harvard University where he majored in English and American Literature. He became editor and wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson, took classes at MIT and in 1988 andgraduated Magna cum laude.

He has become known as an entrepreneur, columnist, technologist, philanthropist, published author, public speaker and founder of over fifteen companies. Pulier has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for his founded and co-founded ventures. He’s currently on the board for The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for children with chronic illnesses.

In 1991, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles and founded People Doing Things or PDT, a company that is utilizing technology to address health care, education and many other issues. He founded Digital Evolution in 1994 and had a large part in building Starbright World, a private social network where seriously ill children can converse with others who find themselves in similar situations. In 1997 The Presidential Inaugural Committee selected him to take lead of The Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington, D.C. which is also known as “The Bridge to the 21st Century.” Pulier participated in and was also adviser to former Vice President Al Gore’s healthcare and technology forum. He is also a strong supporter of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Eric Pulier is the founder of many ventures including Desktone, Media Platform, Akana, as well as countless others. He co-authored Understanding Enterprise SOA, an informative book on service-oriented architecture. He has even found the time to start a family and is a father to four children. He currently lives in Los Angles and continues to spread his knowledge and compassion for others.

Raj Fernando Knows Success

The financial world is a better place because of the hard work and dedication of Raj Fernando. His experience has spanned over 25 years within the international financial marketplace. He has worked for world renowned companies and launched several successful businesses while continuing to have a positive impact on his community.

Building a Foundation

Raj Fernando has a long list of accomplishments both on a professional and personal level. Volunteering at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange during his college years propelled him to the place he is today. He graduated from Beloit College in Wisconsin with a dual major in economics and history. Raj broadened his educational experience by attending classes at the University College London. His education helped build the foundation that his businesses have been built off of.


Chopper Trading was founded by Raj Fernando in 2002 and proved to be extremely successful under his tutelage, expanding to more than 250 employees while trading on Nasdaq, ICE, CME, Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed, Eurex, and ICAP-Broketek. He sold Chopper Trading in 2015, which allowed him to start a new venture named Scoutahead where he is currently the acting Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. The goal of is to help foster productivity and growth on the corporate level.

The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile in his business and personal life has always been Raj Fernando’s goal. The American Security Project has benefited from Mr. Fernando’s expertise in the area of national security where he has a seat on the board. He also serves on the board of directors for PAWS Chicago, is a board of trustee of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, member of the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee at the Brookings Institution, and is a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. His support and leadership is a valued commodity for organizations that need his guidance. The city of Chicago knows how lucky they are to have such a well-rounded philanthropist who is willing to give his time, money, and knowledge back to the community. He is driven to be the best and his generosity makes everyone around him succeed.

Talk Fusion: Award-Winning Technology

The 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year award was given to Talk Fusion, reports an online article on The award is from the integrated media conglomerate, Techology Marketing Corporation. Each year, TMC gives this prestigious award to companies that have exceptional products and services in the video, voice, and data communications sector. They honor those who have brought these products to the market to improve upon communication technology, says the article.

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC was quoted as saying what a pleasure it was to honor recipients of the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. He says they are industry leaders who represent the best solutions in today’s market. Talk Fusion was honored for its Video Chat product, says the article. Read more at PR News Wire about Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion uses WebRTC technology to power their Talk Fusion Video Chat. It lets users have face-to-face communication with people on any desktop or mobile device. Customers can get the app at Google Play or iTune stores, says the article. This is the second award that Talk Fusion has received for its Video Chat platform since it went live in March of this year.

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion was quoted as saying that this was only the beginning. He praised the talented IT team at Talk Fusion and said that there were big plans in the making for their All-in-One-Video Marketing Solution. Reina says that the team is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. He insists that this the whole purpose of Talk Fusion.

Ryan Page, Chief Technical Officer of Talk Fusion says that this award confirms one of the company’s bigger goals. He says it goes to prove what a great team Talk Fusion has. Page says that their processes are integral for creating “magnificent application”. A price cannot be put on that, Page says in the article.

The article also mentions that Talk Fusion has introduced two other products, Free Trials and WebRTC Recorder. Users can also visit their newly-launched site, All three of these products were released in less that a year, says the article. Bob Reina and his staff opines in the article that 2016 is going to be an excellent year for Talk Fusion.

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