Rick Shinto of InnovaCare Health Receives the Top 25 Minority Executives Award

InnovaCare Health team is proud to announce the recognition of its president and CEO Rick Shinto by Modern Healthcare. Shinto was recognized among the 2018’s Top 25 Minority Executives in healthcare. The biennial recognition program has been identifying people who have been doing extraordinarily well in the healthcare sector for the last seven years. The award also recognizes healthcare executives who create or influence the formulation of policies and care delivery models that enhance the healthcare industry. The award has since its conception cultivated diversity at healthcare providers.

The Modern Healthcare editor, Aurora Aguilar noted that the Top 25 Minority Executives award for this year indicates tenacity and resilience. Aurora also noted that the leaders who received the award this year had played a huge role in elevating the quality of patient care in their healthcare organizations. Rick Shinto was pleased to receive the award. He noted that he felt honored to receive such a prestigious prize alongside other distinguished healthcare leaders. Rick had previously won the award in 2012. Rick was quick to note that InnovaCare Health Solutions is committed to enhancing the quality of health in the dual-eligible population in the country because of the significant number of vulnerable patients. Shinto also acknowledged that the award reflected the crucial role that InnovaCare is handling as well as its strong culture.

Richard Shinto is the president and chief executive officer at InnovaCare Solutions, LLC. He has over two decades of experience in clinical and operational healthcare. Rick worked as the CEO and president of Aveta Inc. from 2008 to 2012 before joining the team at InnovaCare. He has also worked in other companies like the MedPartners and Cal Optima Health Plan.

About InnovaCare Health

The headquarters of InnovaCare are in Fort Lee, New York. It is a leader in offering value-based solutions and integrated healthcare services. InnovaCare serves close to 467,000 members, and it has received a rating of 4.5 stars as well as accreditation by NCQA. InnovaCare Solutions focuses on providing government health plans and integration and management with the primary objective of creating progressive population health models that are affordable, sustainable, and fully integrated with advanced technology.

InnovaCare Inc. works through its subsidiary known as MMM Healthcare to offer leading health plans in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare Health was at the forefront in reestablishing healthcare services in September 2017 after the Hurricane Maria devastated the island. The healthcare company led the efforts to collect over $4 million in relief for the victims of the Hurricane.



Paul Mampilly, a seasoned finance guru and consultant

Paul Mampilly is a renowned fellow in the finance industry. He has been in the finance field since he graduated from Fordham University. He began his career at Bankers Trust as a junior portfolio manager and has for years mastered matters to do with investing. Paul has also worked for various legal firms where he has nurtured his career and acquired the skills he has today.

Paul Mampilly’s and the Wall Street

Paul Mampilly began making a name for himself in 2006 where he managed a $6 billion hedge fund for Kinetics Asset Management. Having worked in Wall Street for years, he was recognized by the Templeton Foundation for works. After decades of handling large transactions, this professional grew tired of working for people and decided to venture into consultancy matters. For quite some time now, he has been writing newsletters such as Profits Unlimited to guide people on how to conduct business.

Paul Mampilly’s works and interests

Paul Mampilly also works at Banyan Hill Publishing as the senior editor of the journal. His role in this company revolves around helping people grow their investments. At Banyan Hill Publishing, he writes about various topics including forex, upcoming trends, and stock exchange. One his recent topics was on cryptocurrency.

According to Paul, the crypto world is the next big investment idea in the business arena. Acquiring currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum could make one wealthy. Despite championing for various business strategies, Paul Mampilly advises people to pick out the schemes they want to invest in carefully.

This professional is also inspired by the Internet of Things (IoT). In an interview with Ideamensch, he spoke about how the Internet of Things is likely to change world particularly the health, manufacturing, energy, and banking sector. He is also interested in how millennial are conducting business. Paul postulates that this generation is likely to take over the United States economy.

This professional also spends his spare time on LinkedIn. He uses platform to network with people with varied business interests. Among the books, he loves to read include “How I Made $2,000 in the Stock Market” written by Nicolas Darvas.

Paul Mampilly’s : Facebook Page

Whitney Wolfe Herds Plans for Bumble in 2019

Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO of the social, networking and relationship platform called Bumble has big plans for moving the company into the new year. Already boasting over 35 million users across all of its platforms, recently added two new categories to its repertoire. Though starting out as a relationship platform, the recent years have seen Bumble expand drastically. New compartments of Bumble include Bumble Bizz, a place for networking with colleagues and even finding employees, and Bumble BFF, a place to find and connect with friends across the globe. The networking platforms seem to be gaining even more momentum as celebrities such as Kris Jenner have been vocal about their use of the platform. Read this article about Whitney Wolfe at The New York Times.

Going into 2019 Whitney Wolfe plans to take Bumble in an entirely new direction. Having experienced her own share of heartbreak and tragedy, and running a woman-centric business herself, Whitney Wolfe plans to break into the skincare scene. Working with psychotherapists and dermatologist Whitney Wolfe Herd has been in the process of developing a new series of skincare serums geared toward not only the skins health but also emotional health. The line will boast names for its product such as “Break Up with Bad,” and aims to help both acne caused by stress and alleviate some of the stress itself.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has stationed her headquarter for Bumble in Austin, Texas, where she has a staff of 60, the majority of it which is comprised of mostly women. She seeks to empower other women and uses her title as CEO to do so for those who work for her. Understanding how difficult it can be for a woman in a business-oriented, male-geared line of work, she goes out of her way to be accommodating to other women, going to far as to have a “Glam Room” in her office headquarters that caters to her employees on certain days of the week, allowing them to feel more relaxed and stress-free.

Visit: https://www.vogue.com/article/bumble-founder-whitney-wolfe-michael-herd-positano-wedding


Brazilian Racer And Timber Company Founder Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins has been a member of the well-recognized and highly-decorated Bull Sertoes speed racing team for a number of years. Along with his brother Michel, and their two other driving partners and navigators, he has been successful at powering through to complete several stages of the difficult off-road competition known as the Sertoes Rally, which is held every year in his home country of Brazil. The rally covers over 2,500 miles and has a total of 7 stages, all of which involve very rough terrain. The Bull Sertoes team competes in the race with a vehicle called T-Rex, which was designed with a V8-powered engine by MEM Motorsports.


In addition to his achievements on the racetrack, Rodrigo Terpins is also a businessman who started his executive career as the CEO and President of the women’s clothing store Lojas Marisa, one of Brazil’s most popular fashion brands. He remained with that company for 15 years before moving on to become the Senior Director of a business called T5 Participacoes in 2008. He later founded the Floresvale wood company in order to help promote environmental sustainability after he discovered that a big part of the wood that is extracted from nature lacked the type of certification that would require companies to adhere to a responsible environmental process when it comes to how waste and pollution is handled. Check out marketresearchtech.com



Through Floresvale, Rodrigo Terpins prefers to buy forests that have already been planted as opposed to planting forests from scratch, because he feels that this method makes it easier for his company to grow its product in the market. With a degree in Business Management from Saint Hilaire College, he says he always tries to stay aware of what’s happening all over the world in regards to consumer trends. He feels that this strategy helps him make better business decisions.


Coming from a family of sports enthusiasts and business executives, Rodrigo Terpins has found the right formula when it comes to winning on the racetrack and running a successful company. The Sao Paulo born Sertoes Rally champion developed a love for circuit racing at a young age.


Bumble Bees Produce Honey: Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe was conceived during 1989. An alum of Southern Methodist University, she is the CEO in charge of the mainstream Bumble app. She is likewise the fellow benefactor of the dating app Tinder. She would keep on gracing the Forbes list throughout the following couple of years. Whitney Wolfe has graced various magazines and earned acknowledgement from TIME magazine in April 2018. She filled in as VP of advertising for the tinder app. Her endeavors prompted the app detonating with downloads in school grounds and also other markets. In December 2014, Whitney had moved to Austin, Texas. This was inventive in light of the fact that it gave females more control while utilizing the dating app. This would engage lady clients of the dating app everywhere. Inside one year of putting it the market, the app saw more than 15 million discussions and 85 million matches. Bumble has more than 30 million enlisted clients. Forbes reports that the app is worth more than $2 billion. The App contrasts from customary dating apps in the way that females must start the correspondence contact to the person. Highlights, for example, this has massively diminished provocation claims and reports. The organization’s central station is situated in Austin, Texas and was given the epithet The Hive. With more than 80 staff individuals, 85% of those staff individuals are females. The central command workplaces takes into account it’s specialists in the hive. Adaptable work hours are set up and in addition the capacity to convey youngsters to the workplace if necessary. Whitney Wolfe as of late joined Imagine Entertainment as a board part. This organization discharges include films, TV programs, and different other programming. With the expansion of Whitney to their organization, Imagine Entertainment is certain to build its effectively real reach and impact. Whitney Wolfe is for sure a visionary and pioneer. Her energy to enable individuals and females specifically, pushes her every day to go ahead and advance. Every year she appears to be more fruitful than the past; so this up and coming year ought to be the same. Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/whitney-wolfe-herd-1791a299/

Shervin Pishevar- Well-Known Venture Capitalist Goes On Twitter To Rant

Shervin Pishevar is a very well-known venture capitalist and the co-owner of Uber and Sherpa Capital. He has an investment firm that is behind some of the more well-known companies of this time including Airbnb and WebOS. Not too long ago, he had to step down as the CEO of his own company, Sherpa Capital, amidst allegations of sexual misconduct with another employee there. His decision to step down was a big one and he claims to have done it to save his company. However, just months later he decided to go back to work once the allegations against him cooled down.

Twitter Storm

Not known to stay quiet for too long, Shervin Pishevar abruptly and surprisingly went onto his Twitter account earlier this year and gave his followers an almost day-long rant fest to enjoy. He went on about all sorts of topics from Bitcoin and the stock market crashing to the state of bonds and our economic climate.

A couple of the tweets from Shervin Pishevar went into detail about how he feels the debt markets of our country are becoming quickly unsustainable. He went on to talk about the fact that there is too much corporate borrowing going on and that our yields are at an all-time low. Overall, he feels that currently there are no safe bets for investors.

Shervin Pishevar is not bullish when it comes to the short-term. One of his most noticeable tweets had to do with the fact that he predicted a sharp drop of more than 6,000 points in the stock market in the coming months. That loss would have taken down more than 20-percent from the stock market as a whole.

Death Of California’s Silicon Valley

Shervin Pishevar is also the co-founder for Virgin’s Hyper Loop One. During one of his rants, he went on to say that “Silicon Valley” is now more like a concept than an actual place. He feels that the concept is more of an “idea” which has gone viral in this technological age. With our technology and advancements, the idea has moved beyond our borders and Silicon Valley can be a reality for anyone no matter where they live.