Brown Modeling Agency Has the Lights, Camera, and Can Put You in Action

Modeling is a tough journey to pursue with the sea of competition from all over the nation. Everyone is pining to be seen and be noticed by top companies to fill gigs. You may start to wonder am I tall enough, thin enough, attractive enough—good enough to stay afloat (or even float to begin with)?


There is a stir in the waters of the modeling industry being made in Austin, TX. Brown Agency represents a wide variety of models to include men, women, and children. The president of the company, Justin Brown, keeps talent as the primary focus for their recruitment and does not look for people to fit a certain mold. Brown searches for the best candidates who possess the determination to make an impression in the modeling industry, and his team helps those candidates fine tune their skills to maximize professionalism and marketability.


The Brown Modeling team looks for talent to fill roles that include television, voice overs, commercials, print, film, and corporate events. Since the birth of the company in 2015, Brown Modeling Agency has been able to source talent to leading companies including Converse, Bing, Dodge, and Ford Motor Company. Brown’s models have also been seen strutting in the fashion shows of Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week. The list of opportunities continues to grow, and Brown Modeling Agency is in the process of developing super models, TV personalities, and child stars.


If you are someone in the surrounding Austin, TX area who has a desire to begin your journey in modeling, or you are a potential client looking for your next great talent, Brown Modeling Agency is your solution. Find out more about Brown Modeling Agency’s rising models and current events by visiting their social media pages @WilhelminaAustinTX on Facebook, @brownagency on Instagram, and @brownagencyatx on Twitter. To find out more about how to book Brown’s models for gigs, visit their webpage for booking. For those looking to make an entry into modeling, open calls for the agency are held every Thursday from 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. To become a part of Brown Modeling Agency’s selection of talent, visit the office during one of the weekly casting calls at 100 Congress Ave #2000, Austin, TX 78701. You can also submit for consideration by visiting their webpage for representation.

Fabletics, Athleisure Apparel That Is Taking The Market By Storm

Fabletics is a company founded by Kate Hudson. Fabletics is a business that has grown considerably over the course of three years. It is now worth over $250 million and it is expected to exceed beyond that. What sets Fabletics apart from other companies is their subscription base and reverse showrooming technique. Traditional, high value brands was defined by price and quality. But today, high value brands are defined differently. What makes high value items is the customer experience, recognition of the brand, exclusive designs.


The subscription service that Fabletics uses helps the company personalize the experience of every customer because they get to know what the consumer wants and who they are. Fabletics also have physical stores and their success is based on three methods. The first one is reverse showrooming. Browsing is no longer viewed as negative. It is a positive experience both online and in store. Close to 50% of consumers that walk through a Fabletics store doors is already a member. And about 25% of consumers who aren’t members become members before they leave the store. Anytime a consumer tries on an outfit in Fabletics, it automatically goes into their shopping cart. It doesn’t matter if they buy it in store or offline.


The second method they incorporate is online data. While they don’t let the data determine the success of the store, the data gives important findings on what consumers want to see online and in the physical store. The physical stores stay stocked with items that are trending with the consumers. Taste changes and keeping up with the differential shifts in trends is imperative in a successful business.


The third method they rely on is growth, consumers, and their cultures. Currently the company’s growth rate is 35% annually. Growth within the company is what helps keep Fabletics items at an affordable price. They are competing with Amazon who currently runs about 20% of the e-commerce trade. But with the growing popularity with Fabletics, it looks like they will surpass Amazon soon.


Athleisure apparel is a growing trend that is still going strong. Fabletics has cashed in on this growing trend because they wanted to make the stylish plus size women clothing affordable to everyone from all walks of life. She says the company success has evolved from these five tips. Identify marketing opportunities, stay hands on within the company, rely on data to make good decisions, get inspired, and take risk but also believe in yourself.

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The Athleisure Trend: Great Versatility

You’ve probably heard of A-list actress Kate Hudson, but what you may not know is of her association with a popular athleisure brand called Fabletics. Kate talks about her plans for the company and the versatility of the clothing in an interview with Marie Claire magazine. As the co-creator and spokeswoman of the fashionable brand, she wants to let her fans know that some new products are now available to them to broaden their athleisure horizons even more.

Wear them out on the town, or wear them while relaxing at home. With comfortable, form fitting and forgiving material, these dresses will have you so excited! Pair them with a fun leather or denim jacket and heels for a night out with the girls or wear the dresses with sneakers while your out for your morning jog. Whatever the situation, these dresses are so adorable and perfect for any occasion! Not only have their YouTube fans added a dress line, but they designed a super cute swimsuit line. These swimsuits are made of the same athleisure material we know and love. It makes wearing a swimsuit much more fun, and the current styles are super trendy!
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This company offers subscriptions through their website that have new athleisure clothing shipped to your door each month and a reasonable cost. One of the things about the athleisure trend is that because it has gotten so popular, it tends to be very costly to get the good name brands. Fabletics offers a fixed price on exclusive athleisure clothing in beautiful styles and awesome colors. You can sign up and set your preferences so when you recieve your monthly package, it’s based off the right size and styles you enjoy. Fabletics is a great way to gradually create your athleisure wardrobe, which is highly versatile. You can wear athleisure almost anywhere, since it has become a lifestyle trend at