Financial Services Firm Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is a financial services firm that offers financial advisory and structured finance for a number of public companies. The firm is dedicated to helping a number of different groups of clients meet their various needs. On a regular basis, the firm provides a number of financial solutions for its clients.


One of the things that firm prides itself on is its executive team. They have a firm understanding of the financial markets and use their expertise in executing a number of financial plans for their clients. Over the year, the firm has invested a total of $1.8 billion into companies since the year 1996. It has financed over 250 public companies and is therefore aware of many concerns that a growing company may have. Therefore the executives use their knowledge and expertise to help companies find effective solutions. These include consulting, financing techniques and balance sheet management. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.


What makes this firm among the leading financial services companies is its many services. These services cover a variety of needs for many clients. One of the most common services offered is financial analysis. With this particular service, the firm will design a number of detailed financial statements along with projections of revenue and expenses. Another common service is balance sheet optimization which entails assisting companies in maintaining debt and ensuring financial stability. Along with financial advisory and balance sheet management, the firm also provides mergers and acquisition which help companies complete deals to come together as one. You can visit



There are a few other services that Southridge Capital offers which include securitization, credit enhancing and financing solutions. The firm is aware that companies need financing in order to reach certain goals. Southridge Capital uses an outside the box thinking in order to serve clients. One of the services they offer is Securitization which the firm monetizes a company’s asset base with loans against shares. As well as providing loans for shares and financing, the firm also helps clients by working with a companies’ creditors. Southridge Capital is able to negotiate removal of debt in exchange for common stock. As a result, companies can get out of debt more quickly and have more liquidity. They will also be able to improve their overall creditworthiness as well.



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George Soros – Why Europe has to Give Priority to Ukraine

Currently, Europe has to grapple with at least five crises simultaneously: while one is external, four are internal. On the domestic front, Europe has the ever growing issue of migration, Greece, the Euro, and the British referendum on its EU status. The external crisis revolves around the aggression against Ukraine by Russia. Both the authorities and the public in Europe are getting overwhelmed as these crises are reinforcing one another. What then can Europe do to avert the looming EU disintegration process?

It is clear that solving five crises at the same time is not possible or easy. Europe needs to prioritize the crises, giving attention to some while at the same time not altogether neglecting any. For a long time, George Soros has been advocating that the EU needs to give top priority to the Ukrainian issue. This is because the different internal crises are only dividing the Union into creditor versus debtor countries; the Continent verses the UK, and the ‘arrival’ versus “destination’ European nations. However, an external threat to the EU like the aggression by Russia against Ukraine should, in fact, bring the European Union closer.

Maintain Sanctions on Russia for Role in Ukraine

Soros is convinced that the sanctions imposed on Russia for its Ukrainian interventions have in fact, caused more havoc on the Russian economy (and faster) than what many had anticipated. The economic sanctions had sought to block Russian financial institutions and businesses from accessing the international capital markets.

The bigger impact can largely be attributed to a sharp decline in oil prices, without which, according to Soros, the sanctions effect would have been considerably less. The combination of sanctions and oil prices that are lower have effectively pushed Russia into a deep financial crisis comparable to what took place in 1998.

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The Greatest Investors: George Soros

George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

Support More Investments in Ukraine

George Soros thinks that besides encouraging more direct foreign investment into the Ukrainian economy, the European Union could also offer training to local companies’ managers as a way of assisting them in honing their business strategies. An effective methodology of rolling out such kind of technical support would be to combine it with open lines of credit by European commercial banks.

Towards that kind of engagement, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) could begin investing in companies together with local and foreign investors, as was the case in Central Europe. Under such an economic package or approach, Ukraine would be opening its domestic market to products assembled or produced by European companies’, while the European Union would be increasing the access by Ukrainian companies to wider markets and help them towards integration into the international economy.

Germany Must Take the Lead Role

In all these, Soros is hoping that under German leadership, Europe will live up to the occasion. Germany should accept the liabilities and responsibilities that come with being the dominant power in Europe. The truth is that Ukraine today needs what can be compared to a new era Marshall Plan, whereby this time, Germany would assume the role played by the United States in the reconstruction of Europe following World War II. Only this time, the beneficiary would be a single country being reconstructed, Ukraine.

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Richard Blair’s Advice On Insurance And Renting On Airbnb

Renting on Airbnb requires several considerations to be made. Despite of being a quick way of making money, there are some essential factors to look at prior to renting out a property. Hosting travelers temporarily offers a way of raising funds for paying for a property. However, some situations have shown that unexpected problems can also arise. That is because, sometimes, the part time renters can damage the property. It gets worse when a home owner insurance does not cover the damage. Thus, such problems may leave part time hoteliers with costly legal and financial issues. Additionally, dealing with the damage may cost more that the amount made from renting the property.

Therefore, there are three major concerns for a person intending to rent out a property on Airbnb and similar organizations. That includes protection, risks, and the insurance coverage. Airbnb’s protection is secondary coverage. It only comes in when a homeowner’s resources have been exhausted. When it comes to risks, they increase with tenants. That is because when property owners take guests, they become liable if the guests get injured or damage property. Additionally, many insurance policies for home owners do not cover temporary rentals. A home owner is left personally liable to the expenses that result from taking in guests.

The above three concerns are the major issues a home owner as to look at before renting out their property to temporary guests. Additionally, it is important to seek the views of a qualified investment manager or an insurance professional. The experts understand the situations better. One such professional is Richard Blair. He can help to review the options a homeowner has and provide the advice that suits that situation. He is a highly experienced individual that has been engaged with securities for more than 22 years.

About Richard Blair
Richard Blair is the owner of Texas based firm, Wealth Solutions. It is a registered investment advisory company. He created the firm to transform the live of small business owners, families, as well as individuals. Richard Blair offers his clients objective advice along with customized strategies on wealth preservation, investment, and retirement. He likes the challenge of assisting others to attain their individual financial goals. Richard Blair is a certified annuity specialist, certified fund specialist, certified tax specialist, and a retirement income certified professional. Additionally, he is one of the highly experienced in the financial services industry. He attended the University of Houston. Richard Blair graduated with a degree in finance.

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