17-Year-Old Sawyer Howitt Is No Minor Business Prodigy

Imagine looking at a young man’s résumé and reading that for the last nine months he has been serving as a Project Manager for The Meriwether Group a management consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon.

Then you read further and find that for almost a year he worked as aBusiness Strategy Analyst for RFID Checkout as part of a team of executives assigned with making innovations in retail store check-out methods.

Finally, you peruse his list of philanthropic endeavors and find that he works to promote youth mentoring and women’s rights.

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Under “Education”, you would expect such an impressive résumé to list at least one college degree. If the document mentioned above belonged to 17-year-old Sawyer Howitt it will be another 5 years before an Entrepreneurial Finance degree from the University of California at Berkeley can be added.

In a recent article posted on affiliatedork.com Sawyer Howitt offered would be entrepreneurs a few tips to help them get started.

Before embarking on any business venture make sure you have sufficient money to live on until your business takes off. When starting your own enterprise you need to be able to allow time to attend meetings, make presentations, assemble a team, line-up investors and develop your business plan.

To satisfy those needs and still earn an income Sawyer recommends the following job options.

Sign up with freelance design consulting websites. Design consulting involves designing business logos and creating promotional slogans and catch-phrases.

If you understand web design and site launching consider coding and web development. The demand for such skills is high and you have the added benefit setting your own work schedule.

Put your unique expertise to work as a business consultant. Strong language skills and a knowledge of specific cultural areas is a plus for a consultant.

More companies are outsourcing their customer service. With customer service, you can work from home while making good money. At home sales is another option to explore. The problem with sales is that maximizing your earnings may require putting in extra hours that could be spent developing your own business.

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