The Quincy Shooting and Pizza Robbery Cases Investigations

After most clients had demanded to have their tasty pizzas from Quincy hotel to be delivered at their convenience, the Quincy hotel hired delivery men to satisfy their customers’ wants. In March 2013, the delivery man was fiercely attacked at gunpoint by three unknown men who later run away with a wallet, pizzas, and the car. The Quincy management did not take this lightly and promised to pursue the robbers in a bid to discourage such a scenario from occurring again.

Recently, South Brunswick police charged a young man with the charges of direct involvement in the Quincy pizza robbery and sentenced him to Middlesex County jail. The 24 years old Parysh Wood got jailed in connection with the pizza robbery. His conviction was backed up by the information found on his phone linking him to the attack. The Quincy hotel ensured their customers of their high-level security strategies in place and promised to improve with time.

After the pizza incident, yet another shooting was reported in the apartments that left one man wounded with a non-life threatening wound. According to the police inspector from NBPD, they received a call reporting of a shooting in the apartments and responded immediately. On arrival, the criminal had taken heels, but from the descriptions, the police initialized investigations to the matter. Lately, the apartments had become the hotspot for criminals, and the shooting was a recurring incidence. The shots were heard from the building one although it is yet clear what the armed criminal intended to do when shooting.

After a day, the police were called again to investigate some bullet casings found in the apartment. The police department has been concerned with the shootings in the apartments and has marked them as the center of criminal activities that needs to be watched over 24 hours seven days a week. The Quincy apartments in the New Brunswick are known to offer apartments with roof top swimming pools, classy bath tabs as well stainless steel cooking wares. The Quincy hotel is known to provide food services for some years, and have put the quality of their services in the limelight attracting a large population of customers who like their services.