Betsy Devos Offers Great Leadership in Education

Many people know Betsy Devos from her great works in the education sector in the US. What most people don’t know is the struggle and opposition she faced to be where she is. Betsy’s source of wealth is largely from inheritance and hard work. Betsy and her husband are outgoing and hardworking people who tirelessly make sure they hit their goals in life.


According to the history and background of Betsy Devos and her family, she is a strong woman who is dedicated to making a difference in peoples’ lives. She is much concerned with the people than it looks with power and money. This is clearly drawn from her hard work and from the love the people gave her. Again, the position she has served in office portrays her as a good citizen and a smart one.


Betsy and her husband Dick have contributed much into shaping young people in education, justice, art, leadership and community work. They have trained many young people to join the business world and explore all opportunities that are underlying in the environment. In 2015, the Betsy family was ranked number 24 in America as being the top family in giving back to the society. It was found out that Betsy and her family had contributed a total of 139 million dollars to the people. The areas in which she donated much included conservative, health research, arts organization, Christian schools, hospitals, and evangelical missions among other societal related programs.


When we go through her history, we realize that Betsy Devos is a very flexible, honest, reliant, loving, dedicated and selfless among other positive attributes. As much as she is active in giving and work, she had time for her family, and that is why she bore four children. Her husband is also supportive and very understanding. She stood and supported his passion and career all through without question. Betsy Devos is such an exceptional woman to find in today’s world.


The Devos family has been involved in various philanthropic duties that have been geared toward providing better lives to the less fortunate. They have upheld the Devos legacy by being great leaders in the society.


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