Orange Coast College Launches a Recycling Program in California

Orange Coast College recently commissioned a recycling facility in California. The esteemed college spent $7 million to construct the facility. This recycling center occupies a five-acre plot and will cater for the growing needs of the Orange Coast College. The Adams Avenue facility is built next to the recycling center of the school.

Features of the new building

The Adams Avenue facility is a significant upgrade compared to what the Orange Coast College has been using to provide recycling services. This modern property is five times bigger and offers ample parking space. The Adams Avenue facility houses numerous meeting areas, offices, and other rooms.

Improved recycling services

Orange Coast College is the leading recycling center in Southern California. Residents travel from all parts of the state to ensure that they drop off their waste at Orange Coast College for recycling. This new construction adopts the state-of-the-art technology, and it will provide more recycling capabilities.

Advantages of the system

The recycling program provides the residents of Southern California with an easier way to get rid of their unwanted stuff, and they still get money from it. Aside from monetary value, this recycling facility saves people time since it is strategically located.

Sustainability advantages
This recycling facility is eco-friendly and is aimed at generating power to be used at Orange Coast College. The recycling program will drastically reduce the levels of coal and gas produced when plants burn.

About Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is a school based in California, United States. This college was founded in 1947, and Dr. Dennis Harkins head it. Orange Coast College has more than 25,000 students that study various high-quality courses. Since it was formed, the Orange Coast College has become the largest community college in Orange County, California. This school employs the latest technology and offers more than 135 diploma and degree courses. Orange Coast College also operates Technical Education Programs that help students identify what career path they wish to take.

Orange Coast College transfers most of its students to the University of California and California State University systems. This community college is one of the best performing schools in the state of California. Learn more: