Fired Up With Marc Sparks and “They Can’t Eat You”

There’s more than one path to success, which becomes evident in Marc Sparks’ book They Can’t Eat You (My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success). Skipping the standard college-degree-then-starting-at-the-bottom route (you get more details here: and, Marc finished high school with a C+ average, then went on to become an entrepreneur who makes a fortune starting, running, and selling companies. He tells the whole story, “warts and all,” in his book.
Marc describes how, during the times he ran into difficulties, he fought his way to the top again.

Marc Sparks points out that with success comes responsibility, so in They Can’t Eat You, he shares the secrets of his success. He says he wants his experience to be a blessing for others. Marc offers readers “fifty sparks” or approaches to make it in business your own way, following a path as unique as his own.

Marc graduated from an Austin, Texas high school in 1975 and has been involved in startups and selling companies since then. In 34 years of being an entrepreneur, he admits every venture hasn’t been successful. But he says he learned more from the disasters than from the successes.

As well as buying and selling, he maintains a portfolio in his equity firm Timber Creek Capital, and his business model is to develop both short-term goals and long-term growth for his portfolio companies. His business style is to make decisions quickly, and he also places great emphasis on customer service. He says it’s “preposterous” for companies to spend thousands acquiring customers and then lose them because of poor service. Learn more:

Marc Sparks has a passion for starting companies, even ones that probably shouldn’t work as evident in his book that’s currently sold on Amazon and GoodReads. He says he has no fear of losing money. It’s not that important to him to be a millionaire; it’s more important to have enough for his family, health, happy employees, and happy customers. Marc is fired up about life and the journey and goes his own way with faith, passion, and tenacity.