Perfecting the Skin: Kim Dao has some Products for You

Kim Dao is an Australian YouTube Vlogger with over 300,000 subscribers. Kim Dao`s videos focused on makeup from Japan, fashion, as well as lifestyle videos. Addition to her fashion videos, Kim Dao also vlogs about her personal life. One of the videos that Kim Dao talks about the best Japanese skincare products that you should buy ( The first skincare product that Kim Dao talks about is the Kose Cosmeport mask that is transparent and goes under the eye. The second skincare product is the Kanebo Powder which is a facial cleanser. The third skincare product is Shiseido Collagen Drink that will help in preventing wrinkles. The fourth skincare product is the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil it is a makeup remover. The fifth skincare product is Suki Haigou Charcoal Soap that helps with a deep cleansing of the skin. The sixth skincare product Kose Cosmeport Black Mask which helps moisten and cleans skin. The seventh skincare product Lululun Balance Moisture Mask helps skin keep moisture. The eighth skincare product is Kose Emulsion production to rejuvenate the skin. The ninth skincare product is the Nameraka Honpo Lotion Shittori Keshousui. This product is absorbent and moisturizing. The last skincare product is Shiseido Whip which cleanses the skin and remove the makeup. Learn more here: