Doe Deere’s Optimistic Attitude Gives Her Staying Power in the Business World

Doe Deere, the founder and chairperson of Lime Crime cosmetics, has often been the subject of online articles. People are interested in learning how this young Russian born woman found success by starting her own Internet based cosmetic company. As a female entrepreneur she often reaches out to other women looking to achieve their own goals within the business world. Ms. Deere is also a highly respected spokesperson who is often requested to speak at business-related events. Doe is always happy to offer advice to others. She usually talks about finding and following the inner vision or voice that is unique to every individual.

Discovering New Ideas

Doe Deere often talks about her passion for color and creativity. The initial inspiration for her cosmetic company came from the desire to satisfy her own personal taste in makeup. She wanted everything about her look to be in sync, which very often meant using bold color combinations. She still relies on inspiration for the ideas she chooses to use today. Doe does admit that sometimes it takes a bit of patience when waiting for inspiration to hit. When she does get an inspired idea she insists on trying it out herself to see if it truly captures the essence of what her company stands for. She also works very closely with her team, which consists of the company’s creative director, President and Vice President.

The idea to make her company Internet based is also something Doe Deere views as a positive idea. She believes the trend in business today is shifting from the traditional physical structure to the online virtual structure. Even when people thought her company might suffer because makeup was more of a visual hands-on experience, she proved them wrong by posting full color images of herself and then others, wearing the products her company carried. This full visual effect was so strongly received that it was quickly picked up by competing companies in the business.

Staying Optimistic

When asked how she manages to stay productive, Ms. Deere often responds by stating how much she strives to stay in touch with her customers. She also keeps a positive attitude when dealing with others in the world of business. Even though she did work at a few jobs that were not in line with her passion, they helped her see the importance of always remaining true to herself. Doe also comments about no matter how well informed someone might be there is no replacement for gut instinct. She tries to deliver a message of inspiration to others that includes staying optimistic. She puts her own words into practice by showing love and respect to all of her vendors, partners and employees.

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