Doing Homework Over Securus With Parents Who Are In Jail

I have been really impressed with Securus because they are helping us work our halfway house with the kids that are here. These kids have parents in jail, and a lot of them still have their parental rights. We want them to have visitations that work for them, and we believe that it works for the kids to get to do their homework and talk to their parents over Securus. I have been happy with how it works, and I have watched it work right in front of my eyes while a kid is doing their homework.


These kids get to see their parents when they are working on homework, and I have seen parents give some very good help. It is a really sweet thing to watch, and it helps the kids avoid the trauma of going to a jail for a visit which can be a very hard thing. The visits are easy on my tablet or phone, and we just prop them up in front of the kids so that they can talk. We do this every day to help these kids, and we know that it is giving real results because it is changing how we are approaching our work. We are trying to support these kids, and Securus makes it easier.


Their parents want to be able to see them and talk to them, and this is really the best way to do that because it puts the parents right in front of their children without any problem. These children get to talk, and they get to do their homework with their parents which is a really nice touch for them. I know these parents like it, and I can see that the kids get a lot happier when they are allowed to speak to their parents.


Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.