FreedomPop Conquers the Global Mobile Industry

FreedomPop is a company that absolutely shocked the telecommunications industry. The mobile provider came up with an audacious plan to provide free phone, text, and data to customers who purchased name-brand reconditioned phones. The basic monthly plan offers 200 talk minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data. Again, all three are free with a purchase of a phone and SIM card.

The company does not require any extra costs to keep the basic service. Those who want a little more are offered options for upgrades. $19.99 per month, for example, allows for completely unlimited talk, text, and minutes. $7.99 per month allows for rolling over unused data month to month up to a specified cap.

FreedomPop has amassed well over 1 million customers in the United States and has done tremendously well in the United Kingdom. Spain is a market FreedomPop wants to move into next. Through a novel marketing strategy using the WhatsApp app, FreedomPop just might become the next big thing in Spain.

FreedomPop has also explored Wi-Fi hotspot service in the United States and elsewhere. In the United States, for a very nominal fee, access to a nationwide Wi-Fi hotspot system is afforded. Millions of locations — including many retail giants — allow for connecting to the Wi-Fi system. Overseas, people can travel through a tremendous number of countries and stay connected via the hotspot concept. Those who absolutely wanted to avoid paying massive roaming fees can turn to the FreedomPop global hotspot for a solution.

FreedomPop has succeeded with a very simple business model: offer free service with the hope a solid percentage of customers will buy additional services or expanded service. No arm twisting or hard sells are necessary. FreedomPop simple delivers on promises. 40+% of satisified customers end up going for more service.

FreedomPop has also benefited from a huge infusion of venture capital funding. Investors clearly like what they are seeing so far. Hence, venture capital investment has been forthcoming to the tune of millions of dollars. Newer and more innovative projects move forward on the FreedomPop assembly line as a result.

Among those projects are home internet and a VOIP phone. Surely,  there will be even more things to choose from the always-growing FreedomPop catalog. The startup is going to remain a major player on the budget mobile/data industry for many years. The deals it offers are just too outstanding to pass up.