FreedomPop’s Masterplan To Get Your Attention

If you haven’t heard of the mobile virtual network operator (MNVO) FreedomPop, chances are you will very soon. The company got their start in Los Angeles in 2011. The basic premise of the company is to offer you SIM cards with service plans that are absolutely free. They do this in the hopes that you’ll love it and upgrade your service for a fee.

There is never a contract, so if you like you can end your service when you feel like it. FreedomPop has recently announced their plan to merge with WhatsApp. This will make the service totally free to the customers in a similar fashion to FreedomPop. Most people are aware of WhatsApp since it is owned by Facebook and has over 1 billion users to date. The team up here is a smart move by FreedomPop. They will instantly be expanding their potential customers by millions with this deal.

Facebook purchased the company for a hefty $19 billion. Before this acquisition, WhatsApp was looking for this kind exposure for some time. The difference to consider for FreedomPop here is that they have not partnered with anyone on this deal. This choice is of their own volition and interests. What really hooks the customers here are the free perks. The perks come in the form of 200 minutes of talk, 200 texts and 200 Mb of data, absolutely free. You can always upgrade if you wish to.

With the WhatsApp, this will free always. WhatsApp is easily the most popular service of this type. Another sweet aspect here is that FreedomPop offers free roaming in 31 countries and this number is going to grow. The company plans to engage in more worldwide expansion by the end of the year.

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