Graeme Holm introduces an innovative company

Graeme Holm came up with the idea of Infinity Group Australia and brought in Rebecca Walker to help him manage and grow the idea. Both were passionate about personal finances and wanted a way of bringing financial education to the people. The main areas that they were interested in were debt reduction and money management. There is a direct correlation between these two and a secure future. If people can put their money into good use, they can secure their future such that they will have solid retirement plans and investments to reap from in the future.




Graeme Holm is an MPA Top 100 Broker. He has previously worked with top banks in Australia for 17 years. His experience in the banking sector makes him the best person to help the people deal with bank financing and money management in general. The biggest challenge that faces the people today is lack of knowledge on money management. You will find people going to the bank to get loans but not sure how they will repay them in the quickest time. For instance, when a bank gives you a loan that should be repaid in 30 years, it is not good to use 20 years repaying the loans. The faster you complete the repayment, the better are your chances of doing something better with your money.




Graeme Holm is using the experience he gathered in the banking sector to come up with a financial plan that will solve the challenges that Australians face with money management. Once a client seeks assistance from Infinity Group Australia, they are first assigned a personal banker. This professional will help the client manage the weekly and monthly budgets. He or she will monitor the things that clients spend money on and then will recommend areas that need to be checked for improvements. Graeme Holm says that many people spend money on non-essentials without even noticing. Some of the things we buy end up being waste few months down the line. Such things in most cases are not necessary in our lives, but we tend to spend on them.




Infinity Group Australia is simplifying money management by showing the people that sometimes it is not about the amount of money you earn but how well you manage the amount you earn. You could be having a huge salary but end up with nothing at the end of the month. The paycheck to paycheck lifestyle is what Graeme Holm wants to solve. He wants to show the people that it is still possible to save money that will secure their future no matter how much they earn.




Graeme Holm was happy with a recent report that ranked Infinity Group Australia at number #58 out of thousands of companies in Australia and New Zealand. The ranking identified the companies with the most innovative ideas. Just three years in business, Infinity Group Australia has captured the market and is doing very well. Customers are happy with the services they are getting from this company. Learn more: