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National Steel Car – Gregory James Aziz

Greg Aziz knows much about Hamilton and its unique engineering and steel manufacturing industries. In fact, how can he not, when he is the Chairman and CEO for one of the best locomotive companies out there – one known as none other than National Steel Car? Indeed, this business has been hard at work for more than 100 years and continues to drive modern railroad and labor industry initiatives in its rise to greater aspirations. Greg only continues to firmly fight by his company’s side to ensure that only the best is produced – every time.


The funny and uniquely interesting fact that you most likely do not know about Greg is this: He’s far more than just a train and steel manufacturing expert. He is often considered a true “know it all” as he has learned about nearly every topic in life. He cooks, too.

Gregory J Aziz – Tips on Finishing a Hard Boil When Cooking an Egg – As if It Were Steam in Your Locomotive

With more than high heat, turn your fire off when you notice the water begins boiling. Leave your lid on, and let the pan sit idly for about 15 minutes for large-sized eggs or 18 for extra-large ones and 19 for jumbo-sized eggs. Begin the timer when the water begins to boil. When time is up, pour the hot water out while pouring cool water over the eggs to stop them from overcooking.

Also Note the Following

Putting your eggs into room-temperature water and bringing it to boiling levels will always result in fewer cracked eggs than will putting those eggs into water that is already boiling. Also, the timing mentioned above assumes that these eggs were already in the water as it got to its boiling intensity, and eggs are far easier to peel if they’re not extremely fresh at the time. Not only is this method more appealing as a snack option, but it also looks gorgeous in salads. Deviled eggs done this way aren’t muddy-looking!