James Dondero Has Achieved Great Success In His Career

James Dondero is the current President and co-founder for Highland Management Capital, located in Dallas, Texas. Over the span of his career, James has proven himself an industry leader and one of the best investment advisers the industry has to offer. His decades of experience have given him an edge over the competition.

James first got started back when he was studying at the University of Virginia. He was able to graduate and earn his degree in Finance and Accounting with highest honors. James took a lot of pride and worked hard on his education, as he believe it is an important part of building for success. James is also a Certified management accountant and has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst credential.

When he first started out, James Dondero was working as an analyst for American Express. Before his massive success with Highland Capital Management, he was working as an executive for GIC, as a Chief Investment Officer. For decades he has been in the industry for equity, credit, and investing, where he has displayed his exceptional abilities, even for risky investments. The reason behind the start of Highland Capital was because James wanted to provide solutions for investors and different companies and individuals from all over with the best advisory and management services. James doesn’t stop there though, as he is a member for a number of different boards, such as Nexbank and CCS Medical.

Not only is James Dondero known for his work in investments and being a leader in the industry, but he is a proud philanthropist that works hard to give back to the community. He and his company Highland Capital also partnered up with the Dallas Foundation in an effort to help is hometown community become a better place. James is always supporting of non profit organizations, especially within the Dallas community. To date, James has supported a large number of different organizations, charities, and causes. He wants to see the world become a better place for people as well as see people reach their goals in life, which is why he has contributed to education and healthcare especially. Highland Capital Management will continue to focus on improving communities both locally and nationwide under the leadership of James Dondero.

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