John Goullet And His IT Contributions

John Goullet has accomplished a lot in the business world, he is a large part of Diversant who began his life in the IT arena by working in computer work with different companies as a consultant in the business world. He then moved on to be an Account Executive handling placement of IT temps, as he worked in the IT placement world, he decided that he would use his experience to help develop a new company for himself and established Info Technologies which was an IT placement agency that specialized in working with top Fortune 500 companies all over the world. As his company became more and more successful his company was making over thirty million dollars in the first five years they were in business and won several awards. His company won the eighth place in the top 500 private companies growing the fastest by the magazine Inc. twice. John Goullet then decided to join his business with Gene Waddy’s company Diversant and became Diversant LLC which is headquartered in New Jersey. Diversant won the title of being the largest company in the United States to be owned by an African American that places IT professionals in temporary and permanent jobs. He got his education from Ursinus College and he specializes in all types of web problems and design, operating and engineering of networks and support of infrastructure, development of applications, development of cellphone handsets, solving architecture problems and analysis of data, quality assurance, and information technology and information systems issues.

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  1. Largely, more impact has been done with the Diversant making the IT industry more relevant in service of applications. Though bestessays has the results it has the discount done in the industry. And also most significantly, John Goullet as an African American would see that the African community continue to develop,

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