Linda Owen, Dallas Civic Leader Teaming Up With James Dondero in Enhancing the Charitable Giving by Highland Capital Management L.P.

The president and co-founder of the excellent asset management company Highland Capital Management that is based in Dallas have decided to join efforts with Linda Owen, who is the former president and leader of the Woodall Rodgers to enhance the capital management company’s philanthropic efforts to the entire community in a professional way. This union will give the management company a way that reflects their greater ability to provide funding in charity to the community in a strategic direction. In a tweet, Linda Owen remarked that it would be a very pleasing opportunity to work with the company with the given dedication and strength and looks forward to helping the channel with a very thoughtful insight and ideas towards developing impactful giving back to the community as a whole.

Linda Owen will henceforth be serving as the Charitable manager for the company, and this will begin in operation in partnering with the Dallas foundation that will help in administering the charitable funds from the Dallas Highland capital management company. James Dondero affirmed that this expansion in charitable activities would require a need for a professional so dedicated in this department to ensure that the contributions that are going to be output by the company make a greater impact on the society as a whole. He continues by saying that Lind has a proven track record and performance portfolio that will enrich the company’s charitable activities and community.

Highland Capital Management Company contributes more than three million dollars every year towards organizations of charity through the foundations of Dallas that are focused on the support of the veteran courses that include health, education, as well as the general Dallas community. The beneficiaries from the locality include science, Perot nature museum, the George Bush library and museum, the brain health center, education uplift, snowball express as well as others. The Highland capital management company president, as well as other executives in the enterprise, also provide acute guidance to those businesses and organizations supported by the firm through leadership roles and board services.

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