Nathaniel Ru Created a Sweet Fast Food Alternative

Nathaniel Ru has become an expert when it comes to helping people that are trying to eat healthier. Nathaniel Ru has not been able to take Sweetgreen throughout the United States just yet, but a time will come. The popularity that he has gained in areas like Chicago and New York have become so great that people want to know more about Sweetgreen even if they do not live in a city that has one.

This restaurant has been growing in popularity ever since the very first one that was conceptualized in Washington, D. C. It is a restaurant that has salads and a plethora of other unique items like warm bowls that bring forth appetizing ways for people to eat healthy without really feeling like they are eating healthy. This is the key to getting people to really look at healthy eating in a completely different way.

Nathaniel Ru is the name that stands out, but he also worked with co-founders Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman to get this restaurant off the ground. The real evolution of this restaurant can be found with the fun-filled names of menu items and all of the positive social media buzz about Sweetgreen. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider and Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

This really is the restaurant that has healthy menu items, but people never think about the fact that they are actually eating healthy. For most people this just seems like another restaurant that that happens to have healthy food choices.

This is how Nathaniel Ru wanted it. He wanted to create a company where people would actually be pleased with what he was doing without getting so caught up in the thought process of eating healthy.

The thing that he has managed to do successfully is create a restaurant chain where people are getting a chance to get fresh produce that is actually delivered every morning. This really may have been the hardest part of the equation for this Sweetgreen franchise. When this restaurant was created he knew that he had to be in a place where he would be able to get fresh produce from farmers every morning.

This will be a challenge, but it made people aware of the value that they were getting from Sweetgreen. The fact that Nathaniel Ru was so adamant about this proved one thing. It was proof that he was willing to change the way that people acquired healthy food while eating out.

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