Talk Fusion, an International Video Communications Company That Gives Back

Ever since Talk Fusion was born in 2007, a culture of giving was born with the company also. Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, has been successful from the very start in creating an international video company.

Reina leads Talk Fusion in success and popularity, and this year he went beyond what any other business has done; he has offered a 30 day free trial of the top programs available in Talk Fusion to anyone with an email address. No credit cards or personal information is needed for the free trial. This could very well be the most extravagant offer that any business has offered prospective customers.

Talk Fusion has become one of the most advanced video communications companies in the world. When Bob Reina founded the video company, video email was the only product, but the high-quality of the video went global within the first year. Reina uses state-of-the-art technology.

Today, the company has many more programs including video newsletters, video email, video chat, live virtual meetings, sign up forms and analytical software that monitors your company’s usage. Reina is not stopping here; he is continually investigating the latest in technology to design and develop better videos.

Predictions say that by the year 2017, 90 percent of online communication will be with videos, and Reina will not be left behind. He has a slogan “with great success comes greater responsibility,” and he is extending the hand of Talk Fusion to help people and animals that can’t help themselves.

Bob Reina is a philanthropist who has offered donations to many funds including helping the victims after the Nepal earthquake and those who were affected by the tsunami in Japan. Reina volunteers time and resources continually because it is his mission to change lives in the U.S. and around the world. Reina just likes to give back and keep the wheels of giving turning. His largest personal donation was a $1 million donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. To learn more of his generous support, go to

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  1. Being a philanthropist can benefit a lot of business leaders and I think that Talk Fusion has the right perspective to their voluntary work. As for rush essay reviews this is also going to be a positive move for them if they also do more charity. However, they already support the other businesses to expand in some very interesting ways that make them indirectly affect the victims positively.

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