Talk Is Cheap With Freedompop

They say talk is cheap, but when you are paying an arm and a leg for your phone service how does saying that make any sense? Bill after bill and you are pulling out your hair because you are up to your eyeballs in fees and overages. Believe it or not there are companies that make it easy and cheap for you to talk, text and surf the web. Freedompop is one of those companies just trying to make it a little easier and stress free for people.

Freedompop is a wireless internet and mobile service provider that was co-founded by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar in Los Angeles California in 2011. Freedompop runs off of Sprint’s network in the U.S. And has free mobile data in 25 other countries. The whole idea behind Freedompop is to make things economically friendly for it’s users, offering such things as free Basic cell phone service, free data up to 500MB and WiFi for $5 a month, witch isn’t bad. Granted 500MB isn’t a ton of data it’s still free and will cost you $0.02 a MB after you go over the first 500MB. Not all of the services provided by Freedompop are free but are still more reasonable than any other wireless provider out there.

Though Freedompop is not entirely free it isn’t going to break the bank if you decide to go with one of their other paid options. Their basic plan is free and that is what includes 500MB and for someone that isn’t constantly using their phone to surf the web this isn’t something to stick your nose up at. You can also go with Feedompop’s pro or premium services. Pro offers the same thing as their basic plan, but unlike basic it uses 4G and costs $3.99 after the first month. Premium costs you $19.99 after the first month, but offers you 2GB and costs you $0.15 for anything over your data limit.

This style of service isn’t for everyone, meaning some people might want more with their internet/cellphone provider, but is definitely not something to shake a stick at. You can also buy a mobile device from Freedompop or use your own if you have one already making it very easy on your wallet. Talk isn’t always cheap, but could be.

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