The journey and success of one woman, Malini Saba in a male dominated field

Malini Saba is one business leader who gives the true meaning to the word resilience. She was born and partly raised in South East Asia. Growing up partly in this part of the world did not deter her from pursuing success from a very tender age. Her greatest strength as an investor is that she was not afraid to start small and grow her business for decades until they became the massive success they are today.

Malini has been a victim of bad business practices. The worst thing about this happening in the third world countries is that the perpetrators of these crimes are never brought to book. When Malini was evicted from her business, she did fight a good fight. However, she wound up losing a lot of money, something that made her start all over in her businesses.

After many years of struggling, the work started paying off as she is the proud owner of multiple investments in fields such as agriculture and food production, the energy sector and real estate.

Besides being a business woman, Malini is also a philanthropist. Her brand of philanthropy is helping and uplifting other women. She works with women from underprivileged communities and tries to ease their struggles. One of the organizations that she started, the Stree Mukti helps low income earning women better their lives.

Her investment journey started in the 90swhen she put some of her money in the companies in Silicon Valley. Other ventures that she has put her money in include PayPal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore Networks. Her bet on these companies paid off huge because the onset of the information age made the businesses really successful, something that has made her a millionaire.

Away from business and investing, Malini has a very happy and healthy family life. She is the proud mother of one child and believes in being present for her child at all times. She feels really lucky to have made the investment choices that she made when she was younger as they have shaped her future into the massive success she is enjoying currently. She states that in a world that is more dominated by the other gender, a woman has to do more to assert herself and get the respect that she deserves.

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