These ten tricks will Help you to Take Crisp, Clear Photos with your Smartphone by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Just as with a camera, taking photos with a smartphone requires a lot of concentration. You need to capture high-quality shots. The following are some of the tricks you can use to take the best photos from Figueroa.

1. Give the camera some time – even if you want to take the pictures fast, the quality will not be high if you do not allow the camera a few seconds to focus.

2. Utilize the principles of composition – ensure that you create a balance in the picture. Enhance the parts that you want the viewer to focus on.

3. Move closer – smartphones are not the best when it comes to optical zoom on Crunchbase. You, therefore, should make up for that by getting closer so as to capture crisp, clear images.

4. Do not overuse the flash – sometimes, the light that comes out of a smartphone flash can create a wired look on the images that you capture.

5. Find another camera app – even though the default camera app is just fine, you can make the images better by installing a different one. Shop for one that guarantees the best images on

6. Understand the camera settings – unless you know about all the settings in your camera app, it will not be easy for you to capture captivating photos.

7. Moderate use of HDR – although HDR is vital for creating shadows and highlights, overusing it can lead to funny looking images. Be moderate.

8. Be moderate with filters – it is widely believed that filtering photos is the best way to enhance them. However, if you overdo it, you might end up achieving something else.

9. Be a good editor – it can be a daunting task to edit photos. However, it also is true that it is the only sure way to make them sharper and better.

10. Always clean the lens – your smartphone is always going to get dirty around the lens when you put it in your pockets or purse. This affects the quality of pictures and therefore, you should clean it before taking the next picture. See:

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