Frontera Fund Happens Thanks To The Role of Joe Arpaio

In the late month of October in 2007, the homes of Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were stormed into by the Selective Enforcement Unit that was being ran by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The two men were taken out of the homes and placed into two dark colored SUV’s with dark tinted windows. The license plates were from Mexico and the two men were then taken to 2 different jails and booked by Sheriff Arpaio.

The arrests took place due to stories that were being ran about the misdeeds of Sheriff Arpaio. In the stories, the irregularities that took place by Joe Arpaio was being brought into question. The newspaper ran a story about how the sheriff was fostering the anti-Mexican mongering fears as well as putting his foot in place of the political posturing going on in Arizona. The main newspapers who were still running print were quick to dismiss all the allegations being brought against the sheriff. When they refused to write the truth behind the stories, the two men instead continued to tell the story.

Not only did they cover the wrong doings of the sheriff but they also wrote about the poor conditions that the jails were in a well as the abuses in power that the sheriff was taking part in. The number of deaths of the inmates within the jails was being brought to attention and the racial profiling that was taking place also was raised when a number of unconstitutional detention of Hispanic inmates.

While the men were covering stories on the sheriff, the sheriff was out to put an end to the stories by using the Maricopa County Attorney’s office where they handed down grand jury subpoena’s that were looking for the details surrounding the people who worked for the media outlet and those who read the stories written. The subpoenas issued not only asked for this information but also wanted to know the browsing histories of the visitors to the pages and the IP addresses to those visitors. Instead of the two of them giving them what they wanted, they instead went against the grain and wrote more about it.

Anthony Petrello: Contributing To The Rise Of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is the current chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, the largest drilling and exploration corporation on the planet, headquartered in the island of Bermuda. He is a hardworking and determined man, and the way he leads the corporation gave him a positive reputation among his peers and colleagues. He is known to care for the employees at Nabors Industries, and since he was appointed to become the company’s president and CEO, he thought of revising the rules and regulations to make the company employee friendly.

He is also known for his philanthropic works, donating a significant amount to help researchers understand neurological disorders and assisting children who are in need. His daughter is a victim of a neurological disorder and it is the reason why he pushes for the researchers to find a cure.

Back when he was still a child, Anthony Petrello would always impress his teachers and his classmates by being the talented mathematician inside the class. He grew up in an Italian neighborhood in New Jersey, and while it is not the best neighborhood to live in, the young Anthony Petrello kept on chasing for his dreams. His high entrance examination scores at the Yale University made him a university scholar, and he was mentored by some of the brilliant minds inside the university. Anthony Petrello immediately looked for a job after he graduated from the university, and after learning about the perks of becoming an employee with Nabors Industries, he decided to apply and thankfully, he was hired.


Before being appointed to the executive position, Anthony Petrello started working at the bottom. He would be assigned to different departments within Nabors Industries, and he would gradually accept the task given to him. He worked hard, and showed his superiors that he deserves to get promoted. Anthony Petrello slowly climbed the ladder of success, being promoted because of his hard work and passion to excel. His goal of becoming the company’s CEO became a reality after he was promoted to the position in 1991, and he would be enjoying this position for the next 20 years. In 2011, he had to leave his post as the company’s CEO, but he was appointed to become the chairman of the board instead.

Anthony Petrello brought so many changes to the company, and because of his brilliant ideas, Nabors Industries transformed to become a large, global company. Anthony Petrello showed his humbleness when serving as the company’s CEO, and even if he is one of the highest earning executives in the United States, he is also one of the few who depends 80% of his salary to the company’s income. Today, even if he no longer holds the post as the company’s CEO, the influence of Anthony Petrello is still evident inside Nabors Industries. Some of his decisions are still followed by the administration, especially for the benefit of the employees and the company as a whole.


Entertainment Sector in Brazil Inspired by Roberto Santiago

Recreational facilities are essential in every state. This is because too much time with no breaks would lead to low productivity at work. Top notch investors, take time off and spend time with their loved ones engaging in their favorite activities. When growing up, Roberto Santiago realized that his people did not have a chance to engage in this leisure activities. This is because they had to travel long distances to access this joints. He, therefore, decided that he would solve this issue for the community.

Roberto Santiago, now 58 years old and the most prominent business person in Brazil, did not get his success in a day. It took time and hard work. He went to Pio- X-Marist, and University of Joao Pessoa. He studied Business Administration. To any individual who wants to be an entrepreneur, education is crucial. It helps understand the fundamentals of running a business.

Upon completing his education, Roberto got a slot in Café Rosa, which is a home décor company. Here, he was very proactive. Santiago, therefore, learned important skills that led him to start his cartonnage company. The cartonnage company made cardboards from cartons. With time, the cartonnage company was among the prestigious home decor companies in Brazil.

In 1987, he decided to pursue his childhood dream. He bought the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall land. Within two years, Santiago launched the mall. This was the biggest structure the occupants had ever seen. It has 280 premises. Everything you want for survival, you can get in the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. There are medical facilities, financial institutions, schools, colleges, food courts, gyms, and boutiques just to mention a few. The residents branded it the small city.

Through Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall, Santiago’s dream has come true. The residents are now able to create time for fun. This has reunited families again. Their various activities that people can engage in the mall. For the children their playing stations and numerous playing gadgets. The parents can try a different wine brand as the children play.

Their also activities that the families can do together. Things are activities like food tasting, The Manaira mall has a wide range of food they serve, and this is to ensure that every customer is covered. Families set dates to try a different type of meal every time.

The other activity the family can engage in together is watching a 3D movie together in the Domus Hall. This is the most magnificent structure in the Manaira Mall. The lighting and sound range are amazing.

Roberto Santiago has given his people what he always wished they had as he grew up. Other investors should learn to base their investments on helping improve the welfare of their people.


Revolutions in the Real Estate Industry-Todd Lubar

TDL Global Ventures developed as a result of Lubar’s twenty work experience in finance and credit field. According to the president of the investment company, he was driven by needs of people in society who would want to develop their lives but were limited in finance. The primary goal in founding TDL Global Ventures was to eliminate barriers within the financial systems hence provide loans in a program that he refers to as relief.

Todd Lubar believes where there is a will there is a way. In an interview with Ideamensch, he mentions that developing a culture of trust and honesty is vital for any business to succeed. A typical day for him entails with breakfast with his kids every morning, then scrolling through news and emails which form a basis for his day’s activities. Lubar also mentions that a successful business depends entirely on hard work and business. He acknowledges failures in a previous business that dropped him back to square one which he demonstrates as a lesson in his success journey.

Lubar has been in the real estate industry since 1995 where according to he has ranked severally among the top twenty-five mortgage originators. After joining the industry, it did not take long before he realized real estate and finance would be a part of his life. Todd Lubar’s journey in the industry began at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he served as a loan originator. The few years in the Mortgage company was an indispensable element of his career development because he built networks with agents and professionals in the Insurance, real estate, finance, as well as in Accounting fields.

The first step towards growth and development was in 1999 when he acquired an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. He deeply ventured into brokering loans and increased lending capabilities which led to the establishment of a direct mortgage bank. Legendary Properties, LLC was founded in 2002 which started a revolution and new services in the industry including purchasing and rehabilitating for both single and multi-family dwellings. Charter Funding in 2003 attributed to his increased access to finance and wealth hence the formation of Legendary Financial LLC as a leading source for companies and individuals.

Nathaniel Ru Created a Sweet Fast Food Alternative

Nathaniel Ru has become an expert when it comes to helping people that are trying to eat healthier. Nathaniel Ru has not been able to take Sweetgreen throughout the United States just yet, but a time will come. The popularity that he has gained in areas like Chicago and New York have become so great that people want to know more about Sweetgreen even if they do not live in a city that has one.

This restaurant has been growing in popularity ever since the very first one that was conceptualized in Washington, D. C. It is a restaurant that has salads and a plethora of other unique items like warm bowls that bring forth appetizing ways for people to eat healthy without really feeling like they are eating healthy. This is the key to getting people to really look at healthy eating in a completely different way.

Nathaniel Ru is the name that stands out, but he also worked with co-founders Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman to get this restaurant off the ground. The real evolution of this restaurant can be found with the fun-filled names of menu items and all of the positive social media buzz about Sweetgreen. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider and Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

This really is the restaurant that has healthy menu items, but people never think about the fact that they are actually eating healthy. For most people this just seems like another restaurant that that happens to have healthy food choices.

This is how Nathaniel Ru wanted it. He wanted to create a company where people would actually be pleased with what he was doing without getting so caught up in the thought process of eating healthy.

The thing that he has managed to do successfully is create a restaurant chain where people are getting a chance to get fresh produce that is actually delivered every morning. This really may have been the hardest part of the equation for this Sweetgreen franchise. When this restaurant was created he knew that he had to be in a place where he would be able to get fresh produce from farmers every morning.

This will be a challenge, but it made people aware of the value that they were getting from Sweetgreen. The fact that Nathaniel Ru was so adamant about this proved one thing. It was proof that he was willing to change the way that people acquired healthy food while eating out.

Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

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Eric Lefkofsky; The Battle Against Cancer can be Won Through Data Driven-Precision Medicine

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs who are committed to the welfare of others in the society. The businessman is an alumnus of the University of Michigan. He received a Juris Doctor from the institution. Over time, Eric lefkofsky has managed to establish his businesses in different sectors of the global economy. Together with his friend and business partner, Brad Keywell, Eric has developed over eight enterprises that dominate various industries in the US. Eric is also the co-founder and by far the most significant stakeholder of internet giant Groupon. The entrepreneur serves as the chairman of the company and only stepped down from the Chief Executive Officer position recently.

Eric has experienced the agony which families undergo when their loved one is diagnosed with cancer. He understands the emotional and financial drain that families have to deal with whenever their loved ones or someone close is affected by cancer. For a long time, Eric has always wanted to help advance research in the field of oncology. Recently, through a partnership with an institution of higher learning in Chicago, Eric Lefkofsky co-founded a biotechnology company called Tempus. The enterprise will be responsible for aggregating genomic and therapeutic data of cancer patients so that professionals can use the information for medical research. For a long time, the medical field of oncology has been operating with sufficient data on cancer patients. This reality has made the industry to remain behind in the hunt for effective and personalized treatments. Tempus also recognizes that doctors don’t have enough time to collect and structure in the right way so that it can be used for research.

Today, industries such as those for manufacturing and entertainment are relying on big data when coming up with a business solution. Tempus’ primary goal is to centralize relevant information on cancer patients and research in the field of oncology. The company is already reaching out samples of cancer patients to collect phenotypic, genomic and therapeutic data that can provide a clue on the effectiveness of various cancer therapies. If Tempus succeeds in its plans, the organization will usher a new era of data-enabled precision medicine. Such treatments will enable millions of patients to overcome the menace that cancer has become. Eric Lefkofsky believes that entrepreneurs should focus on solving a problem first before they can even think of making money.

Vijay Eswaran- Creating Industrialists

Vijay Eswaran started his business venture from a start-up program organized by his university, from then he took a keen eye on advising students on how to build empires from early lives.

Vijay states that to thrive in business, you need determination, a unique working style, and your personality. He says that you need to have innovations that are structured to fit your working environment and finally consider the most essential towards your goals.

Vijay Eswaran is the owner of QI group, and he started his industrialist journey years back when he was a student, he believes that higher learning institutions must encourage their students to rely more on being entrepreneurs than workers.

He says that most students are taught to seek employment first to gain more experience, but with the changing world we need more innovators and entrepreneurs. The world innovators and the adoptions of robots and artificial intelligence automation in workplaces have made it hard to adapt comfortably.

Additionally, most students don’t have the capacity and power to engage in businesses right after school hence they seek the comfort of employment.

Vijay says that students need courage and determination to achieve their goals whether in employment or as entrepreneurs. He advises students with unique and adaptable ideas to seek the help from Start-up Company to get mentorship and guidance on their entrepreneurship journey. Read more: Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies

Most of the students from Asian continent like Japan, Taiwan, and China, etc. start their life journey as employees before becoming business owners and luring their former colleagues to join them; this is according to the latest notable trend.

Vijay Eswaran believes that owning a business is the best options since they give you the freedom to become your boss, create your idea, solve your problems and become a winner.

Vijay is a motivational speaker and a philanthropist. He established his own RYTHM Foundation that deals with corporate social responsibility on different philanthropic activities globally. Additionally, he is an author of one of the most successful book ever the Sphere of Silence.

A book that talks more about life management and written in numerous languages, other of his books include In the Thinking zone, Wings of thoughts and 18 stepping stones. Vijay regularly contributes to the Sri Lanka and Malaysia newspaper columns.

Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

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Betsy Devos Offers Great Leadership in Education

Many people know Betsy Devos from her great works in the education sector in the US. What most people don’t know is the struggle and opposition she faced to be where she is. Betsy’s source of wealth is largely from inheritance and hard work. Betsy and her husband are outgoing and hardworking people who tirelessly make sure they hit their goals in life.


According to the history and background of Betsy Devos and her family, she is a strong woman who is dedicated to making a difference in peoples’ lives. She is much concerned with the people than it looks with power and money. This is clearly drawn from her hard work and from the love the people gave her. Again, the position she has served in office portrays her as a good citizen and a smart one.


Betsy and her husband Dick have contributed much into shaping young people in education, justice, art, leadership and community work. They have trained many young people to join the business world and explore all opportunities that are underlying in the environment. In 2015, the Betsy family was ranked number 24 in America as being the top family in giving back to the society. It was found out that Betsy and her family had contributed a total of 139 million dollars to the people. The areas in which she donated much included conservative, health research, arts organization, Christian schools, hospitals, and evangelical missions among other societal related programs.


When we go through her history, we realize that Betsy Devos is a very flexible, honest, reliant, loving, dedicated and selfless among other positive attributes. As much as she is active in giving and work, she had time for her family, and that is why she bore four children. Her husband is also supportive and very understanding. She stood and supported his passion and career all through without question. Betsy Devos is such an exceptional woman to find in today’s world.


The Devos family has been involved in various philanthropic duties that have been geared toward providing better lives to the less fortunate. They have upheld the Devos legacy by being great leaders in the society.


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Orange Coast College Launches a Recycling Program in California

Orange Coast College recently commissioned a recycling facility in California. The esteemed college spent $7 million to construct the facility. This recycling center occupies a five-acre plot and will cater for the growing needs of the Orange Coast College. The Adams Avenue facility is built next to the recycling center of the school.

Features of the new building

The Adams Avenue facility is a significant upgrade compared to what the Orange Coast College has been using to provide recycling services. This modern property is five times bigger and offers ample parking space. The Adams Avenue facility houses numerous meeting areas, offices, and other rooms.

Improved recycling services

Orange Coast College is the leading recycling center in Southern California. Residents travel from all parts of the state to ensure that they drop off their waste at Orange Coast College for recycling. This new construction adopts the state-of-the-art technology, and it will provide more recycling capabilities.

Advantages of the system

The recycling program provides the residents of Southern California with an easier way to get rid of their unwanted stuff, and they still get money from it. Aside from monetary value, this recycling facility saves people time since it is strategically located.

Sustainability advantages
This recycling facility is eco-friendly and is aimed at generating power to be used at Orange Coast College. The recycling program will drastically reduce the levels of coal and gas produced when plants burn.

About Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is a school based in California, United States. This college was founded in 1947, and Dr. Dennis Harkins head it. Orange Coast College has more than 25,000 students that study various high-quality courses. Since it was formed, the Orange Coast College has become the largest community college in Orange County, California. This school employs the latest technology and offers more than 135 diploma and degree courses. Orange Coast College also operates Technical Education Programs that help students identify what career path they wish to take.

Orange Coast College transfers most of its students to the University of California and California State University systems. This community college is one of the best performing schools in the state of California. Learn more:

An in depth look at Dr. Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna is an Medical Doctor that is licensed to practice both surgery and medicine within the states of Georgia and Florida. Dr. McKenna has an excellent reputation within the medical community. In addition, he is quite personable and devoted to his profession.

Dr. McKenna graduated from Tulane Medical School. After Dr. McKenna graduated from medical school, he completed his residency and began working with his father. Dr. Mc Kenna’s father is also Medical Doctor with over 30 years experience within the profession.

While practicing medicine with his father, Dr. McKenna decided to start a company called McKenna Venture Investments. McKenna Venture is essentially an boutique style real estate development organization. In addition, around the same time McKenna became involved with another similar organization called Universal Mortgage Lending.

Dr. McKenna soon became a seasoned professional within the area real estate closing services. McKenna enjoyed his new profession however, he still remained close to his father working side by side in a medical office during the day.

Due to the terrible damage that Hurricane Katrina caused in 2005, McKenna devoted a great deal of his time helping rebuild the Hurricane ravaged areas of New Orleans. Mc Kenna offered victims of the hurricane temporary low income housing.

In late 2007, McKenna decided to devote most of his time to establishing an aesthetic based medical practice. Dr. McKenna named his new practice “Shape-med”. Shape-med did exceptionally well and McKenna was very proud of his accomplishments. However, after almost eight years Dr. Mc Kenna sold Shape-med to Life Time Fitness Inc.

Dr. McKenna was acting Medical Director of Life Time Fitness. In 2017, Dr. McKenna began a new business venture. He became the CEO of an organization called “OVME”. OVME was essentially a technology medical aesthetic company. This company tries to improve the quality of medical treatment as well as care through technological advances.

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