Hussain Sajwani Success Tentacles in the Luxury Property Sector

Hussain Sajwani is a reputable businessman from the UAE with an estimated net worth of over $3.2 billion. He is the CEO and Chairman of DAMAC Group, a company he founded in 2002. Sajwani graduated from the University of Washington in 1981 where he majored in Economics and Industrial Engineering. After graduating Hussain Sajwani worked for GASCO as Contract Manager for a short while. In 1982, he ventured into catering until 2002 when he started DAMAC Group in UAE. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

The catering venture became a success spreading over a number of continents. DAMAC Group has also grown into a leading property development company in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani’s impeccable know-how has been the major driver of DAMAC’s success.

The company boasts of high-profile projects in UAE, Qatar, and England among many others. DAMAC has worked with and is currently working with a number of high-profile companies. They include Louis Vuitton, Trump Organization Inc., and Drake and Scull International.

These three businesses have served as suppliers in the form of beverages, real estate, and construction respectively. DAMAC’s association with the Trump Organization recently saw President Donald Trump single out the Hussain Sajwani family.

This was at an event on New Year’s Eve where he described them as “the most beautiful people.” This is a clear indicator of a very good business relationship.

DAMAC’s success has seen it start a hospitality division called DAMAC Maison. The division runs an impressive 15.000 hotel rooms while providing top-notch services at the same time.

Under Hussain Sajwani’s leadership, the company continues to grow from strength to strength as a leading property development company. He even successfully steered DAMAC through the 2008 financial crisis when sales were at their lowest.

Hussain and in extension DAMAC are huge contributors to philanthropic causes. In 2013, he gave AED2 million to aid in a clothing campaign targeting one million needy children all over the world. The DAMAC CEO is listed among the top 100 influential Arabs in the world, and his excellent track record speaks for him. He has definitely proven himself as a leading businessman by ensuring continuous growth and improvement as DAMAC owner for years.

Todd Lubar Paves the Way for Real Estate Entrepreneurs through Vast Experience

Todd is the current TDL Global Ventures‘ president. He is also the proprietor of Legendary Investments. His current position in the real estate industry best places him in a position that many entrepreneurs who want to venture into real estate can emulate. His history roots from his education at the Syracuse University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. In a recent interview with Idea Mensch, Todd explained his life history and career achievement including the idea behind establishing TDL Global Ventures. More details can be found on Yelp.


Todd’s first work experience was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he served for four years. He left Crestar Mortgage Corporation to join Legacy Financial group in 1999. He found it necessary to create friendly working rapport with clients and insurance agents. Todd assisted many clients in the Maryland office. The loan grants he dished out totaled to approximately 100 million. In 2005, he left Legacy to join Charter Funding. This was an affiliate of First Magnus Financial Corporation. He was elevated to the position of senior vice president where he oversaw all financial transactions. In 2007, Todd shifted to the mortgage industry. He capitalized on loan mortgage and majored in financial services. While serving at Charter Funding, Todd developed different business including commercial demolition. He also participated in scrap metal recycling.

TDL Global Ventures

With vast experience and a careful observation of the market trends, Todd was better placed to access a diverse market niche. He consequently established a subsidiary of Legendary Properties, Legendary Financial LLC. Todd was now in a position to advance loans at affordable prices. He conducted more than 6000 transactions leading him to a strategic business position. After working for over twenty years in the financial industry, Todd realized that he was passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. He explored a strategy that would contribute to eliminating the conventional barriers in real estate that contribute to preventing people from getting loans. That marked the birth of TDL Global Ventures. As the president of TDL Global Ventures, Todd initiates appropriate customer service to retain clients.





Dr. Clay Siegall On Saving Patients from Systemic Therapies

According to Dr. Clay Siegall, systemic chemotherapies in cancer treatment will soon be a thing of the past. He believes that with the advancement of medical technology, targeted drugs will be the order of the day. It is such thoughts that inspired him to found Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company dedicated to the synthesis of targeted therapy drugs. These are drugs meant for diseases where significant progress in alleviating mortality has not been made over time.

Seattle Genetics generates income by selling its proprietary drugs and production partnerships. The licensing of their processes and technologies is also another important income generator. After its initial public offering, it took Seattle Genetics about a decade to become profitable. In the first two years of inception, the company went through financial difficulties with their capital facing depletion. Under Dr. Siegall’s leadership, they were able to batter down the situation, returning the company to normalcy.

As Dr. Seagall puts it, their business model included the use of highly skilled salespeople who pushed their products. The uniqueness of their products also did the selling pushing them to where the company is today. Seattle Genetics has since grown and can close deals worth seven or eight figure sums at a go. The success is owed to the fact that Seattle Genetics is built on a very strong foundation.

The strong foundation comprises rigorous research, a drive to help patients, and scientific innovation geared towards better medical care. Seattle Genetics has also developed strategic partnerships with major players in the drug industry. Pfizer and Bayer are among the many companies it has partnered with.

About Dr. Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall majored in Zoology at the University of Maryland. He went on to earn a Ph.D. in Genetics at the George Washington University. He currently works as the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics, a company which he co-founded. He has overseen the company’s growth into a leader in antibody-drug conjugates production.

Apart from working with Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall has a number of other positions. He is on the Board of Directors Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical. He also holds a similar position at Mirna Therapeutics and Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc.


Fabletics, Athleisure Apparel That Is Taking The Market By Storm

Fabletics is a company founded by Kate Hudson. Fabletics is a business that has grown considerably over the course of three years. It is now worth over $250 million and it is expected to exceed beyond that. What sets Fabletics apart from other companies is their subscription base and reverse showrooming technique. Traditional, high value brands was defined by price and quality. But today, high value brands are defined differently. What makes high value items is the customer experience, recognition of the brand, exclusive designs.


The subscription service that Fabletics uses helps the company personalize the experience of every customer because they get to know what the consumer wants and who they are. Fabletics also have physical stores and their success is based on three methods. The first one is reverse showrooming. Browsing is no longer viewed as negative. It is a positive experience both online and in store. Close to 50% of consumers that walk through a Fabletics store doors is already a member. And about 25% of consumers who aren’t members become members before they leave the store. Anytime a consumer tries on an outfit in Fabletics, it automatically goes into their shopping cart. It doesn’t matter if they buy it in store or offline.


The second method they incorporate is online data. While they don’t let the data determine the success of the store, the data gives important findings on what consumers want to see online and in the physical store. The physical stores stay stocked with items that are trending with the consumers. Taste changes and keeping up with the differential shifts in trends is imperative in a successful business.


The third method they rely on is growth, consumers, and their cultures. Currently the company’s growth rate is 35% annually. Growth within the company is what helps keep Fabletics items at an affordable price. They are competing with Amazon who currently runs about 20% of the e-commerce trade. But with the growing popularity with Fabletics, it looks like they will surpass Amazon soon.


Athleisure apparel is a growing trend that is still going strong. Fabletics has cashed in on this growing trend because they wanted to make the clothing affordable to everyone from all walks of life. She says the company success has evolved from these five tips. Identify marketing opportunities, stay hands on within the company, rely on data to make good decisions, get inspired, and take risk but also believe in yourself.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Madison Street Capital Arranges Minority Recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital is an international investment management company based in the United States. For the company, nothing works to develop assimilated business deals in a way that achieves better business deals in the industry. For the company, they have always stayed ahead of the rest in working to support other businesses and companies secure fast capital using their strategic del-structuring experience in the industry. The company has also anticipated better business solutions to accept their management solutions to develop fast income to accelerate the working capabilities in the industry of finance and business. Madison Street Capital is also considered as the best business partner whenever you are in need of capital and other management solutions in the business industry.


Madison Street Capital Reputation also understands the best deals in business to achieve the most sophisticated business solutions. If you are willing to develop advanced management solutions, be sure to develop working solutions in the world of finance and achievements. Madison Street Capital has also developed solutions for other businesses and companies in need of fast income in a way that is not paralleled in the industry. The company has also achieved the business needs through their sophisticated business capabilities to have business spearhead their investment deals in a manner that develops fast income in the industry.


The company’s approach creates better business solutions to those who need fast income in the industry. The company’s approach creates the best business deals where no one is at the losing end. For this reason, their services have been adopted on a massive scale in the world of finance and business. Madison Street Capital has the expertise and knowledge needed to match the sellers and buyers in a way that brings profit to both sellers and buyers. In this case, they strike a deal that is applicable for both parties in the arena. Madison Street Capital has the capability to match the corporate financing advancements and structures developed in a way that is anticipated in the industry.


The terminology arrived in business reflects the effect of business needs and terminologies used in this capability. Madison Street Capital was also contracted by the Ares Security Company to locate the best minority recapitalization structure for the company. Whenever Madison Street Capital has a deal, they always treat it with ultimate respect. For this reason, they are becoming the highest trend in the industry for development capitalizations in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.


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EOS: The Lip Balm That Makes You Smile

Almost ten years ago, the way consumers bought Chap Stick was dramatically changed. Businessperson, Mehra, joined with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky to shake up the Chap Stick industry with a new and innovative lip balm called EOS. The beauty category was the Target market space for innovation since the majority of products have not changed much since first introduced. Traditional lip balms were competing for lowest price while none of the brands were concerned about how they fit into women’s beauty regimens. After some market research, they discovered they could market a new brand of lip balm aimed at both men and women while also making it effective and visually appealing. Research showed well that women liked carrying lip balm in their purse and were interested in the new kinds that came in pots, but were concerned about applying it with their fingers. That is when the idea of the round pot that felt good to put on as well as new smells and colors. Even the clicking sound to ensure it was properly closed was intentional making it more visually appealing than its predecessors were. The price point was $3 on eBay and Amazon, which was more than traditional lip balms, but the organic ingredients and new shape gave it the edge it needed to keep the pricey lip balm in demand.

Walgreens was the first store to carry the product with other big chains quickly following. Marketing towards style conscious millennial women through magazines and television ads helped the new company quickly gain a following. Beauty bloggers also played a huge role in the company’s growing reputation and with product placements and endorsements EOS lip balm quickly became a staple in most women’s purses. Through their large social media presence, EOS lip balm has quickly become “The lip balm that makes you smile.”

Bruce Bent II AndMoney Market Funds

Money market funds and sometimes referred to as money market mutual fund are a mutual fund that invests in the short-term debt securities market. Money market funds are seen as secure as bank deposits, but with a higher yield. Money market funds are regulated in the United States under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and have become an important component to provide liquidity to financial intermediaries.

Such funds are designed to minimize losses because of fractures in credit and the financial market and liquidity risks. Funds are able to pay dividends because the goal is to maintain a stable value per share. The securities include commercial paper and US Treasury Bills, short-term bonds and repurchase agreements.

Money market funds are designed for investors who want to invest with minimal risk, but with some level of rate of return. Such funds are the ideal vehicle to achieve those goals. Investors make a dollar back for every dollar invested.

They were designed for investors who were looking to preserve their cash while earning a small rate of return. With the establishment of several other funds, the market grew significantly.

Money market funds were responsible for popularizing mutual funds in general. One of the more important details is that it gave rules and the result is a financial market that is worth more than $3.0 trillion American dollars and serves millions of investors.

 Bruce Bent II  is an exepert in the financial sector. In fact, his father was the founder of the very first money market fund. This gave Bent II an inside view in to the financial industry. Bent II attended Northeastern University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy. Since then he has made quite a name for himself with his financial techniques and his business skills. He now works for the Double Rock Corporation where he holds the positions of vice chairman and president.

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Should I Join The Traveling Vineyard?

The Traveling Vineyard is a one of a kind company who provides their biggest fans with the chance to make quite a decent income in the world of direct sales. You become their wine guide, they provide you with tools, a website, marketing resources, and even a mentor to guide you. There are countless different ways that the company helps their wine guides, and it’s amazing what they can do for you if you are just getting started in sales.

You will basically conduct wine tasting events throughout the week in your area and wherever you see fit. You have all the opportunities at your fingertips to make sales. you are given a website and all the tools you need so you can make some money not just for them but also for you. You are going to be the newest person who helps spread the word about Traveling Vineyard wine.

Should you join their team? Only join if you are ready to focus your time and energy on meeting people and interacting, alongside if you genuinely love wine. This is a great opportunity to make some serious good money, and it can also push you towards becoming more social. It’s the best way to make some good friends, improve your networking skills, and you can use this as your source to make more money and build your network. If you are trying to make more money with a new side job, this is it for you. IT’s simple, easy, and fun.

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Why Arthur Becker Decided To Put His Name On His Latest Building

In the past, Arthur Becker preferred to a quiet investor in high-end residential property developments around the city of New York. He has over $550 million invested in different properties and preferred to be in the background on projects as the Managing Member of his real estate development firm Atlantic Investors, LLC. With his latest property, however, he has decided to come out of the shadows and be a prominent voice for the building.

According to, his latest property is on Washington Street in a coveted part of Tribeca. The building, once completed, will feature eight units with one of them being a duplex twice the size of the other units. The single units are expected to sell for about $5 million each while the penthouse is expected to fetch $14 million. There will be luxury finishes throughout the property and Arthur Becker has partnered with the acclaimed designer Paris Forino to design the interiors.

While the luxury property segment of New York has languished recently, Arthur Becker said that he shouldn’t have too much trouble selling the units in his building. He said that for one it won’t be completed for two years, giving plenty of time for that segment of the real estate segment to recover. Additionally, he said he’s just selling eight units and not 50 which is a much more manageable number than other luxury developments around the city.

Arthur Becker is a tech mogul who made his money at two technology firms. He was the Chief Executive Officer and a Board Member of the technology company NaviSite. NaviSite provided cloud-based services and other technology to corporations around the world before it was acquired in 2010. Arthur was also the CEO and Chairman of Zinio LLC which is well known as the largest provider of the digital versions of magazines in the world.

Another side of people that most people don’t know is that Arthur Becker is an accomplished artist, He has had his work put on display in both Florida and New York City. He had graduated with a degree in the arts from Bennington College in 1972.


The Time EOS Lip Balm Started Taking Over

There was a time that Chapstick was everyone’s go to lip balm. Chapstick was always on the shelves in many stores and markets. Seven years ago, a new lip balm started to show up. This lip balm is known as EOS. EOS stands for “Evolution of Smooth.” This lip balm came in many variations of flavors. It became so widely known that even celebrities were starting to use it. Now they are considered a $250 million company. This made them the second best-selling lip balm in the country, beating Chapstick. They have projected that they will be worth about $2 billion by 2020. What makes this lip balm different from other lip balms is that they are targeting women. Mostly; between the ages of 25 and 35. The people from EOS thought that other lip balms were made for a unisex crowd. This made the other companies make their products look lazy and cheap. Cutting on cost and prices. EOS said that they can use that to their advantage. They would make it round, so it can feel comfortable in a person’s hand, lively colors, and a pleasant smell. They didn’t want to make it look like it was some fads that will make people think it is nothing to look into. EOS lip balm wanted to expand everywhere anyway they can. They contacted beauty bloggers from many social media websites to express what they think about the product and not surprisingly, it worked. EOS got its first account from Walgreens, followed by Walmart, Lucky Vitamin, Target and other major stores. This company is not only concentrating on only making lip balms. They have already coming out with lotions and shaving creams. Hoping it will be a success like their lip balms. They are reaching out for every category available.

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