Long Weekends In Venezuela

Due to drought and crippled energy infrastructure, the South American nation known as Venezuela, who depend on hydropower for than half of it’s electricity, has announced an radical attempt to curb the country’s overwhelming energy crisis. The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro has declared that every friday will be a holiday for the next two months in an effort to combat the power debacle. The president announced the move on Venezuelan television on Wednesday. For more details on President Maduro’s decree, read what he had to say, as seen on facebook news (via Norka Luque) as well as what his opponents think of the measure. Those who disagree with the recent news feel Maduro’s actions are incredibly irresponsible in light of the country’s current debilitating recession. Many in addition to Norka Luque are curious as to how this will affect bureaucracy, schools, and access to daily needs. This news comes after President Maduro implemented a week long Easter vacation, in addition to cutting working hours.  Not everyone believes the country will survive via rationing when there’s such a poverty of health services, not to mention a lack of food available to the people.


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