Andrew Tropeano: Sharing His Interests Outside NewsWatch TV

Andrew Tropeano is a popular TV presenter, who has been working with NewsWatch TV for eight years. His stint with the television program would always portray him as someone who loves to do interviews with entrepreneurs, trying out new technological devices, and checking out the latest with the celebrities. Despite the persona that he displays on television, only a few people knew about his other interests. In a recent interview, Andrew Tropeano presented the person that is rarely seen behind the camera – a man who loves to play sports, and who loves to travel. Andrew Tropeano is a member of a local football team. Recently, he played for a local match and ended up winning the game. His love for sports can be seen from his interest in doing other extreme activities, like rock climbing, and mountain climbing.

He also loves to travel, because he wanted to learn more about foreign cultures and traditions. When he has ample time to go outside the country, he is making sure that he will be able to pick up a lot of information about the destination he will be visiting and learn about the local cultures and traditions. He said that being able to experience a foreign culture is a must for every traveler who wanted to see the world.

Andrew Tropeano wanted to express his gratitude to his father who became his inspiration to pursue a career in journalism. His father worked with several broadcasting companies in the past, including CNN and The Washington Post. He revealed that his father would always tell him to pursue his goals, and because of the lessons that he learned from his caring father, he decided to continue taking up Journalism and Business as his bachelor’s and master’s degree, respectively. Andrew Tropeano continues to do the things he loves while working to become a TV presenter.